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Adjustment of Staff

What were once bulletin announcements are now old news.

Adjustment of Staff

Postby Chuey » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:39 pm

Well, AB posted a SPAM! thread yesterday titled "Storm's lost his crown" or something close to that. And it rose to my attention that if I didn't explain the staff changes referenced in the previous bulletin then issues might come up. Everyone can easily see Storm's name is blue also. Well, here's how it is.

Storm has been more inactive than normal, even if he's just "lurking" and cough* not answering PMs *cough*. I didn't feel kicking him from admin status was fair but sometimes one with an admin set of permissions is needed alongside me for something; I can't name any examples. So, I thought that I'd bump up Sean and Norman to have access to the ACP. And to be fair to all three of them, I grouped them together with a special set of permissions. Storm might have lost a power or two, but now it's more convenient, more fair, and so forth. There has been indecisiveness about the color so it has remained the mod color green (I actually edited the Moderation Team group so I left the color as it was) and is subject to change. 'The Moderation Team' was a bit long so I renamed the group to "Staff", especially since 'The Moderation Team' may have implied that they were just mods, not admins, and had no access to the ACP; all three of those ideas are incorrect.

I hope this has cleared anything up, even if it's just quiet old NSC.
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