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April Fools: No Jokes About New Site Updates

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April Fools: No Jokes About New Site Updates

Postby Chuey » Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:51 am

April Fools Everyone!! <:P
What's the joke, you ask? The joke is that NSC is being given attention again for the first time in a seriously long time! And that's thanks to you guys for reading that there would be a "big event" on April 1st! But in actuality, the twist is that NSC has received some updates for the first time in a few years. We are not asking people to use the forum actively, again, as its main purpose is to serve as an archive. However, it would be nice to rejoice in some old memories once in a while.

A Visible Forum Again!
After retiring NSC as the main webforum for the small community with replacement websites jointly-ran with fellow member AlakazamBrain known as the Galapagos of Gamers, there was a final return to NSC due to major issues with our then-host. For a few years, NSC remained locked down with thousands of posts hidden from view aside from administrators. NSC is now back in its former glory.

• The Plaza and Gallery forums display before the Arcade due to their increased popularity in terms of post content over the past few years.
• The Graveyard has been divided into 4 sections: the Memory Cemetery, the Eventful Boneyard, the SPAM! Necropolis, and the Outdated Burial for more specific archival purposes.
• "The Reprise" forum has been removed and its topics have been organized into the appropriate, pre-existing forums.
• Forums may be read as a guest and without being logged on.

The Arcade Is Booming!
The Arcade was originally a lot of fun for users, but it was used less often over time. An event account named Teshil was repurposed to be a hacker character that created new high scores out of thin air. This challenged users to reclaim their high scores legitimately with even more skill. Since most scores have been reclaimed, the Arcade has seen less attention. With a temporary burst in attention to NSC, it has received some changes. There is a special event associated with the Arcade too! See details below.

• The top 5 arcade leaders are displayed at the bottom of the forum index, as well as some recently added games (...which was several years ago).
• A welcome box will appear on the Arcade Index, displaying the 10 newest games, the 10 most popular games, the 10 most recent high scores, and the top 5 arcade leaders.
• A PM is automatically sent to a user when their arcade high score has been broken by another user.
• 30 arcade games will display per page instead of 20.
• Negative and zero-point scores are now allowed in arcade games.
• The minimum version of Flash required to utilize the arcade is now version 10.
• 10 posts on the forum are required to use the Arcade.

Arcade Postcard Event!
To boost a little more interest in the forum for a short time, a special promotional event will be held. The 5 winners of the event will receive a special postcard from the forum founder, Chuey (that's me!), as well as a special rank on the forum. Receiving a postcard, which will have a small gift inside, requires sharing a mailing address or P.O. Box. (Claiming this prize is optional if you would not like to share this information.) The special rank is called Virtual Champion. This event begins on April 1st, 2015 at 6 AM, and ends on May 1st, 2015 at 9 PM Eastern Time.

In order to win, the following criteria must be met:
• You must be one of the top 5 arcade leaders.
• You must have at least 30 high scores.
Teshil must not have any remaining high scores from the previous event. The remainder of any of Teshil's high scores will nullify anyone from winning. (Note: Teshil has not acquired any new high scores.)

Name Change Event!
For the next week until April 8th, 2015 at 9 PM Eastern Time, users are permitted to change their username that displays on the forum (and is used for logging online). If you would like a name change after this event ends, please contact an administrator to explain your case. You can change your username under Account Settings of the Profile tab in the User Control Panel.

Old Users Belong To Old Times!
NSC has seen many registered users over the years, sometimes in bursts from hostile spamming incidents, incidents involving bots, special poll-related events, and simply through standard word of mouth and sharing the URL of NSC. There has been a significant halt of activity and interest in this website and most users have either completely forgotten about NSC or have no intention on returning again. In order to clean up the site a little bit, some users have been deleted. Posts may still be found and read on the forum that belonged to these users. If you seek any specific information on these users, do not hesitate to send a PM to an administrator; data has been recorded of all deleted users.

The criteria for user deletion was as such:
• The user has not visited NSC since New Years Day of 2013 or sooner.
• The user has less than 100 posts.

Various Updates!
There are many miscellaneous updates that have occurred across the site.

The following changes have been made to the Private Message system:
• There is no longer a limit to how many PMs one may receive or to how many messages may be stored in a message folder.
• There are now 10 PM folders instead of 4 available to users.
• Users may now forward their PM's to other users.

The following adjustments have been made to using the forum:
• Users may now search for unread posts from the top of the forum index.
• Only 30 topics will display per forum page instead of 50.
• A poll may now have 25 options instead of 20.
• The [Flash] BBCode may not be used in any posts.
• The Sherlock; emoticon has been brought back to NSC.

The following changes have been made to retire old forum elements:
• Due to circumstances of activity and ease of communication, Calico_Lover will be the only other administrator of NSC for the unforseeable future.
• The event accounts Back-Up, Cap'n, Lookout Mate, and Shop Keeper have been retired and their posts have been transferred to the Teshil account. All original posts are still able to be read and have been marked individually who the post belonged to with an Oracle of Seasons video game sprite.
• The NSC Chat Cbox has been permanently retired.
• The [Cbox] BBCode has been removed.

The following updates do not fit into the previous categories but are still of importance:
• The Welcome PM that is sent upon registration to the forum has been updated.
• The "Site Admin" usergroup has been renamed to "Founder."
• Several accounts made purely for spam purposes (e.g. advertising) have been deleted. These were made within a block of time from 2011-2012.

There are more plans to update NSC for aesthetic, archival, and fun purposes in the late spring and all throughout the summer as my sophomore spring semester of college draws to a close. Hopefully of all of the updates the Arcade and name change events will be of interest.

Thank you all for checking out NSC today, and have a rather prank-free April Fools Day!

Best regards,
Connor "Chuey"
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