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Arcade Event Updates and Bumping Clarification

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Arcade Event Updates and Bumping Clarification

Postby Chuey » Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:35 pm

Teshil's Scores Removed, Contest Extended
I have decided to remove Teshil's remaining high scores that are virtually impossible to beat. In addition, all of Teshil's scores have been removed from a very old and evil web event, so the only hint of Teshil's scores is found in existing champion notes swearing against the event account with the power of rusg;! Therefore, you simply need more than 30 high scores in the arcade and be in the Top 5 scorer in order to win either the special rank prize or both the rank and a special mailed gift! Due to this change, the contest has been extended until May 15 @ 9 PM. This will also be very helpful for me and my schedule. So get some more high scores! It won't be impossible to win a prize now!

Non-Spam Bumping: Totally Cool
Something I neglected to write in the previous bulletin is about the old bumping rule. The Golden Hall will be updated at a later date, but if you users would like, it is acceptable to post in very old topics. As long as the post is not pure spam or gibberish and can somehow tie to the existing thread, then the post will be justified. Have some fun digging up old memories! This was originally explored during a move to a new forum host for our Galapagos of Gamers and will now officially be a permitted feature on this very quiet and dreary web forum.

Stay cheerful,
Chuey / Connor
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