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Calendar Archive of the Developing Community {Completed}

Explore the memories of the past and learn the techniques of the future.

Calendar Archive of the Developing Community {Completed}

Postby Chuey » Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:28 pm


September 17th
Closing of NSider: Unfortunately, NSider was closed this day.

September 18th
Website Created: The NSider Community forum was created on this day.

September 19th
Website Opening: The New NSider is NOW open!!
Smiley Contest #1: The First Smiley Contest!
•15 by 15 pixels
•Must be same yellow head-color
•Any desired pose
The Admin Nomination Contest: Admin Nomination contest starts today!
-The winner turned out becoming a Moderator.

September 20th
Skins Fixed!: You can now go to your profile and pick out a skin. Don't forget, many are being added! (:D

September 21st
All Skins Added!: Woot! Now... look at that long list :)
Admin Nomination Contest Ends Today: PM your votes or post them on the topic in the Tourney Hall. Results coming soon!

September 22nd
Complete Server Crash: News Article
Read this article linked above to know more about the server crash ;)
Announcing of the !!Moderator!! Contest: Congrats Calico_Lover!!
-Note: The contest has been edited so Calico now will be just a Moderator until a beneficial future crosses.
Today is Mario Kart DS Day!: There will be an exclusive MKDS Discussion topic on the Chat Board. Hope you had the chance to attend!
Results of the Smiley Contest: The smiley by Rileyoman9, D: won! Do D : without the space in between to make it.

September 23rd
NSider Bids Farewell: Starting tomorrow. In that event, there is a new forum. Not sure if it will stay.

September 24th
Bye NSider!: We will miss you :-(
Results for Smiley Contest #2: See 'em here! The winning smiley, ^o^ by aqualord1!
Done through a secret ceremony…: WE HAVE A NEW MODERATOR AND ADMIN!
Congrats Storm39 and Rileyoman9 for re-reaching your old high ranks. Congratulations!
-Later on, the topics were moved, and the board was removed.

September 25th
ELECTIVIRE CODE!: The PBR profile code for obtaining an exclusive Electivire in Pokémon Battle Revolution is now revealed!
Hacker?: I posed as a hacker with some sly moves to secretly add a new rank that will not be announced. But once again, a trick of mine equals anger. Also, avatar, posting, and a couple other types of settings have better increased stats. So enjoy! and sorry :(

September 26th
New Forum!: Check it out! Three new boards to post on!

September 27th
UGH!: AlakazamBrain and I were playing a chaotic form of chess but I got a heap of pop-ups. So a rule was formed!

September 28th
New Ranks: A mini contest to determine a new rank was released. The winner was Mii.
Also, a Samus rank was added.
Mii = 122
Samus = 1599

September 29th
The Manaphy Event!: 12-3! Make sure you receive your Cherished-Pkmn!

September 30th
Chuey’s PM Glitch: Nothing really to worry about, but I got a funny glitch with the PM system. As you see here: ( http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/3589 ... tchzt6.png ) When I really only had one from PichuBro4.
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Postby Chuey » Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:47 pm


October 1st
Happy October!: It is the 1st day of October! Yay!
New Logo System: Month-personalized logos will now be in affect for month-long periods on this website.
Yesterday…: A user from NSider 2 decided to come and be a jerk. MORON! >:(

October 2nd
New Boards!: PMD and Youtube boards were added today :)
Big Surprise!: There was one yesterday. New boards, new ranks, NEW SMILEYS!

October 3rd
*Sniff*: Robor’s grandpa died. Farewell :(

October 4th
Chuey…: Pulled a skin prank today! o-o

October 5th
Glitch!: Chuey (me D: ) got another glitch! This time, in SPAM! ( http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/1166/glitvjcf0.png )

October 6th
ResevoirDogs!: Today(in the evening) was ResevoirDogs Time!! I made everyone wear the skin too! Yeah it is awful, but everything good and bad should be honored!
By ResevoirDogs Time, I meant a short period of time where we honored this awful skin >.>
Poll!: There is a new poll board up!

October 7th
Mmm, Tasty!: The Restaurant has opened!
Travel the Seven Seas!: Or however many there were, in the new Phantom Hourglass board!

October 8th
Happy Sailing!: And happy Columbus Day :)
More Happy Sailing!: For LegacyStrike sails from the ocean to the Moderation Team! :)

October 9th
New Colors: Moderators are now green! They got their wish! :D:
And I have made a higher-rank for me, with the old Mod color, my Pianta blue! Admin may change... but they shall not take my blue! :D:

October 10th
Sonic Revealed!: Everyone(well, of the world a lot of people did :P) has wanted SONIC FOR BRAWL! and this has come true today!
Possible delay for Brawl though.

October 11th
PHPBB 3 Phase 2: PHPBB 3 is on phase 2 of completion. It will not be much longer! :)
10,000 Posts Reached!: THANK YOU TO ALL MEMBERS!

October 12th
13 Points!: 2 more till new domain!
Tombstone Run!: A new race to the finish! In the Tombstone Hall lay several clues! can you figure them all out and find the key to my Golden Room! Start looking!
Oh, and let me tell ya. It is NOT easy. Many have been stumbled easily. You may PM me for help!

October 13th
Fight & Run: Rileyoman9 and I got in a fight. Also, the Tombstone Run competition is heated!

October 14th
Chuey was away!: At a party! So SPAM! was open!

October 15th
Awesome!: Chuey has reached 3000 posts, as a new domain is available!

October 16th
Woot!: http://nsidercommunity.net is now set up! It was MUCH faster than I thought! Welcome guys! Now let us aim for Advanced Hosting!

October 17th
Detention!: The new rank given to Giga_Metroid99, I’m In Detention, with a pink color and a small O RLY? icon (size 40 x 40), has been released!

October 18th
FreeForums Was Down: For quite a while, it created some problems for the forums. Over now!
Results of the Third Smiley Contest!: Yes, we have two new smileys in our bunch!! Welcome Mr. Rainbow and Mr. Shade! rain:g sha:g
You may see the results here

October 19th
O RLY?: Some changes have been made! Like what? Avatars are now at 10 KB. Enjoy this change!
Chuey wins!: Chuey played Storm in Phantom Hourglass Wi-Fi Battle! Just barely slashing Link in the final round, Chuey wins 10-3! It was the greatest battle to date!

October 20th
Firey Treat: The Magmortar hidden in Pokémon Battle Revolution, is now accessible!
Do not forget, you need the - marks to make it work! You need to go under symbols for them. You need to put this in your PROFILE of your trainer card!
Spooky Treat: The Tombstone Run forum-game has come to a close, and Dragon6534 wins the very precious rank of Gravekeeper.
Smiley Treat-Offer: Uh, the calendar theme for today is treat... so I will try to stick with that NS:P
Now, the 4th Smiley Contest is under way! How will you fare? Click here to see the theme, and try your luck!

October 21st
Hit Counter: NSider Community now has its very own Hit Counter! Hopefully it will work out great :)

October 22nd

October 23rd
The Festival: Today marks the first day of Chuey's foruming life; er, it’s the one year anniversary of that.
Yes, I, Chuey, registered at NSider last year this very day!!
Results of Our Fourth Smiley Contest: Click here to visit! The smiley by Roboryantron, >:|, won!

October 24th
The Flash!: AlakazamBrain introduces some flash games to the forum for the first time!

October 25th
Believe it or not…: But I, Chuey, was on barely over 2 hours, maybe less? This must be a record!

October 26th
6,000 Views: The Hit Counter records an amazing 6000 hits!

October 27th
New Feature?: I was on the site, and I entered the Admin Panel to find a new feature accidentally exposed!
More information will be revealed when it’s ready. I don’t know when that is, since when it comes to FreeForums.org, it could be anytime! NS:P
Temple of the Ocean King: Perfect!: Chuey finally gets a perfect 25:00 remaining in the hourglass for the Temple of the Ocean King race-against-the-clock! It finally happened!
-Please don't ask for the strategy unless you have at least 24:55 as your record.

October 28th
Big Plans!: The Hit Counter reached over 10,000 views today! Also, there are secret plans to be really good coming soon!

October 29th
With AlakazamBrain’s help…: The Arcade is now open! 50 cents to play, my good people! NS:P

October 30th
Smiley Contest: NUMBRE 5!: Click here to see the action-packed actiony action, er...

October 31st
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!: *munches on candy*
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428 and Chuey
428 and Chuey
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Postby Chuey » Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:12 pm


Hello, everyone! This is the NSider Community Calendar Archive. This archive is of September and October, in which our community was still forming into the legacy I feel it is today.

The Calendar cannot be viewed anymore as it previously could have been.

The calendar, after a decision in December, would only carry needed updates, rather one per day, which was the goal back then. It became too much of a hassle, but we couldn't stop altogether, or remove this sweet archive! So we made sure to always look at the Calendar, and I hope this archive was entertaining. NS:D
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428 and Chuey
428 and Chuey
Posts: 20654
Joined: Mon Sep 17, 2007 8:13 pm
Location: New York City or Western MA
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