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Postby Chuey » Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:27 pm

Welcome, guests! This is the NSider Community! Basically, users from NSider, the Nintendo Insider, have traveled to other sites because of NSider's shut down, and some are here.

This site covers a few game topics that belong to Nintendo, as well as a couple other boards for pure enjoyment and all that.

Your view is somewhat limited upon visiting the site. You are recommended to read through this board, although not everyone does, but should. You will see almost all of our boards, but the ones you cannot see until you register are below. However, just about every board that you can see is not readable until after registering.

Bulletin Board
Tombstone Hall
Staff Boards (always)

At registration, you will be given the following requirements to fill out. Please be aware that administrators and myself cannot view this information, so your information is safe;

Confirm Password
Birth Date
Confirmation Code

If you are 12 years old or younger, please get parental permission, THEN when signing up, hit the 13 or older link unless you feel like doing the paperwork. If you do not get permission, or in any situation you face trouble, this website is not to blame; only you.

Also, if you were apart of Chuey Informe, which was my original forum, then this is for you. If you weren’t, here's something to read if you're bored.

This time around, there are colors for some promotional ranks. There also various changes from PHPBB 2 to PHPBB 3 but it would take too long to make a good list. NS;)

Now, if you feel like it, go ahead and press Register today! We’ll be glad to have you apart of our community, but if you plan on becoming inactive, please post a few times. It’s actually saddening for members to join and never come back. But I hope you will not think to leave forever.

But before you hit Register, please return to the “Before You Sign Up” board and read the “Forum Policy” topic. A whole lot more of information is there, and if you do not read it, you may face times of trouble. I warn that the trouble you cause may come back to stab you in the back one cold, windy night.
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