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Postby PichuBro4 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:56 pm

I'm not really male, I don't why the heck I made that up. But back on NSider, I didn't really have an identity. I made one to be known as, so I wouldn't give away my normal info. Over time it became a 14-year old teenage guy who was a video gamer named Riley. That's not true. I feel awful for doing that, and I hope you can understand. I am female as everyone had never expected, and I'm tired of living a lie. That's my only one, as all of my video game love and interaction is real, I did not make this website and I was PICHUBRO4. All I did was pose opposite gender, and I didn't think it'd stick. It did, and I don't want for that. Please forgive me, and know me as the true human I am NS:(

User Riley (♀)

PS: I am sorry for this lie. Please forgive me NS:(
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