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I Feel Kinda Stupid...

Brawl it out with the greatest foes from the Nintendo franchise and more!

I Feel Kinda Stupid...

Postby Chuey » Sat Feb 16, 2008 10:57 pm

A while ago I found out in Melee's Camera mode, you can use the camera in pause mode. All the controls and everything. I've missed out on so much epic picture taking! Well, now I have another option for doing something in Melee before Brawl comes out. I took four pictures, retook them on my phone so I could upload them, crop them, and upload them to my Photobucket to show all of you. There are 3 kinda-cool shots and 1 kinda-unique one.

I would've posted earlier, but I messed up my password to Photobucket too many times. Here they are.


Check out Ganondorf's face! Man, and that's one powerful move!


Woah, Link got owned!!


Kirby gets his occasional pill.


OMG, look at that bubble! I was actually trying to get a picture of what the above picture is, but the attack just died down, and I paused at the best time. I wasn't gonna keep it, but those who have been in Health Class might recognize this to look like something else. And Kirby's face to fit the mood NS:D So I kept it for laughs.
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Re: I Feel Kinda Stupid...

Postby GigaMetroid99 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:46 pm

Haha, nice pictures, Connor. I like the last one. NS:D
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