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Mi día siete de Mayo

Relax and admire or admonish the various media of today.

Mi día siete de Mayo

Postby PichuBro4 » Fri May 07, 2010 10:57 pm

Awakening: 6/10
God every day this sucks but I did better than usual so I give it a not failing score.
Beginning of Day: 8/10
I was kind of crashing but hey you know I am pretty sweet anyway so the 8 is deserved.
History: 8/10
Hey its pretty cool but you know whatever.
Math: 9/10
Aced a quiz. Thats good I guess.
Lunch: 0/10
I hate it when people talk about penises which these guys always do. They scare me, other than my one and only of course. ++I ate nothing.
Study Hall: 20000000000/10
I got 3 sandwiches made by probably the best looking girls in the class because I told them to do it. It was pretty fun(ny) and the teacher let us do it so that's cool.
Science: 0/10
I hate science.
LA: 1/10
LA I hate as well, but we got popcorn.
Free/ Friend Time: 10/10
any free time is good time

Sandwiches butchers.
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Re: Mi día siete de Mayo

Postby Registeel_Rules » Mon May 17, 2010 3:52 pm

Sammiches are good.
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