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More Zelda rumors?

From saving princesses to creating a town, the Nintendo world has much to offer!

More Zelda rumors?

Postby GigaMetroid99 » Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:34 pm

I've noticed that I've been posting lots of rumors lately, but whatever. It creates some activity, at least.

Anyway, I found this stuff on NS2. The post gave a source, but the link doesn't seem to work. So I dunno what to think about it. Here's what the rumors are, though:

* Zelda Wii's official title is "The Legend of Zelda". There will be no subtitle.
* The game tells a story several hundred years before Ocarina of Time.It also answers the question of how the Mastersword came into being.
* The fairy-like girl plays is a very important character in the game. Her Name is Zordiana.
* The Hookshot is also in the game and it has new abilities. It will not pull you immediately to the target you aimed. Now it is possible to swing with the Hookshot, like with the Grappling Hook from WW. The Hookshot makes no use of Wii Motion Plus.
* Sometimes you have to "draw" a specific symbol on a door with your sword, to open it.
* The Bow-Control is very similar to the Bow-Control in Wii Sports Resort, as the script shows.
* There are two levels of difficulty. Aonuma put it through. Miyamoto didn't want to include it.The Normal-Mode for amateurs. The Hero-Mode has no "Super Guide" included and the enemies tougher.
* The On-Stage Dungeon, which is also playable at E3, isn't a Dungeon as we know it from the Zelda series. When entering a Dungeon, you will not notice you are in one. It will be a smooth gradation. There will be Dungeons with no Bosses and Bosses with no Dungeon. The "Dungeon" you are able to play at E3 will be an Ice-Level. It will be the frist "Dungeon" in the Game.

I think most of this seems pretty realistic. The only things that seem a little dodgy are the name of the girl (Zordiana?) and not having a subtitle (though some other series have done it, so it isn't impossible).

Edit: Okay, I found a working source: http://www.zeldainformer.com/2010/06/br ... firmed.php

They claim that these rumors are indeed confirmed with 99.99% certainty. So yeah.
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Re: More Zelda rumors?

Postby PichuBro4 » Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:25 pm

This game is looking to be nice. As well as a change of pace from the same old same old Zelda gives you.
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