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Pokemon Squad! ASH! EATS! WAFFLES!

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Pokemon Squad! ASH! EATS! WAFFLES!

Postby RayquazaMaster » Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:18 pm

Sorry for the delay! Here's the next episode!

* The music from this video starts playing:

A screen with Professor Oak's face and INVASION on it appears. A bunch of Team Galactic grunts start cheering. Ash is shown standing on the screen and Jessie and James look down on him. Ash stares at them and they throw him into Brock's car, which begins driving recklessly to RM's Mansion. The mansion is shown being built. Lawn flamingoes appear on the lawn. The background changes to Max and RM's lab. Max looks up. Metal tentacles lunge at the screen and the scene changes to a background with skulls. June appears and turns the page angrily. The scene changes to Sailor Pikachu running at the screen. She crashes into the screen and various scenes are shown with her in her Sailor Senshi outfit. The tentacles lunge out again and the scene changes to Ash standing on top of the mansion laughing maniacally. It's revealed that it's just in a thought bubble and Ash is at the lake's edge with Misty and Pikachu. A PokeBall hits him in the face and knocks him over. Another screen is shown with the words POKEMON SQUAD on it.*
* An Invader Zim style title card appears. The word ASH flies at the screen and the narrator yells, "ASH!" The word EATS flies at the screen and the narrator yells, "EATS!" The word WAFFLES flies at the screen and the narrator yells, "WAFFLES!"*
"I'M HUNGRY!" Ash yelled one day at 3 AM when everyone else was asleep. He woke up the entire mansion.
"Ketchum, why the (Nick jingle) did you have to wake us all up in the middle of the night?!" June yelled.
"It's not the middle of the night," Ash replied. "It's early morning!"
"Whatever!" RM yelled.
"Why'd you wake us up?!" Misty demanded.
"I'm hungry!" Ash said.
"What else is new?" Brock sarcastically replied.
"Let's see, Pokemon Black and White, the DSiXL, SpongeBob and the Clash of Triton..."
"Well," said Sailor Pikachu, "If you're so hungry, why don't you just get something to eat and then go back to bed?"
"Because I can't cook," Ash said.
"I'll get something for you," Henry said. He had gotten full blast of Ash's screaming because he slept in the same room as Ash. He went down to the kitchen and put a couple of waffles in the toaster. "Oh, wait, I forgot to check the expiration date." He looked at the date and it said JULY 10, 201... and the last digit was illegible. He thought it was either an 8 or a 0, but wasn't sure. "Gee, I can't tell what the date is. Oh, well. Ash, your waffles are ready!" Ash ran downstairs and grabbed both waffles and the toaster and ate it all.
"I don't feel so good..." Ash moaned.
"I can't exactly blame you, since you ate the toaster," Henry replied.
"No, that's not it!" Ash complained. "I feel really sick..." And he turned green and fell over, unconscious.
"OH, NO! ASH!" Henry yelled. Ash began to vomit in his unconscious sleep. "WHAT HAVE I DONE?! I THINK I KILLED HIM!" Everyone else came into the kitchen and saw Ash.
"I'll call Dr. Mario!" RM said.
"I'll call Dr. Rip Stunwell!" Sailor Pikachu said.
"I'll call this moment the greatest event in my life if he doesn't make it!" June said. Everyone stared at her in shock except RM's Friend, who was still asleep. "What?"
15 minutes later, both doctors had arrived and were observing Ash.
"What do you think, doctor?" RM asked Dr. Rip Stunwell.
"Looking good," he replied. "Not the patient, me. But, anyway, he appears to have gotten food poisoning from eating overdone waffles that were past the expiration date. And possibly also from the toaster he ate. It wasn't very clean, apparently."
"Max, I told you you should clean it more often!" May said.
"May, that's exactly what I told you!" Max replied.
"What about you, Dr. Mario?" RM asked.
"I wish I had-a some pasta!" Dr. Mario replied. "Oh, as for a the patient, he doesn't look-a too good! I think he might-a die of-a food-a-poisoning! Mama mia!"
"How can we cure him?" Henry asked.
"Well, the only known cure for this sort of food poisoning is made by squeezing the water out of a rare flower that only grows on the cliff overlooking Unnamed City. It's about a three day walk." Dr. Rip Stunwell replied. "You can't take the car, we'll need it here to buy more medicine to decrease the symptoms."
"Fine, who's going?" RM said. Suddenly, Fanboy and Chum Chum jumped in the window. "I thought Brock killed you last episode!"
"We volunteer!" they shouted.
"Whatever," RM replied. "Okay, I'll also go, and we'll take... June, Brock, May, and Pikachu as well."
"YES!" Pikachu yelled. "THIS IS MY CHANCE TO DISPOSE OF ASH KETCHUM FOREVER -I mean, um... Pika?"
"We leave as soon as everyone is ready!" RM said. Then he noticed everyone else had everything they needed. "Okay, I'll just need a couple of minutes." And a couple of minutes later, they left.
"RM's Log: We've just set out on our journey to find the cure to Ash's food poisoning. The crew has already depleted most of our food supply. Get the hint, June?"
June had just finished the last piece of food. "Huh?"
"June, we just set out and you've already finished our food," RM replied.
"RM, we should be fine," Brock said. "I doubt it will really take 3 days."
12 hours later, it was dark, and they were still at it.
"Still think we'll be there soon, Brock?" RM said.
"Okay, fine," Brock said. "But I'm sure even if we stop to set up camp and rest, we'll be there by the end of tomorrow." They started to set up camp and 10 minutes later everyone was asleep.

The next morning...

"RM's Log: Day Two. The team is beginning to show signs of extreme hunger due to the food supply being used up. They may be planning a mutiny..." RM turned around from his recorder and saw June holding a hammer above his head. Upon realization that her mutiny attempt had been discovered, June threw the hammer into the nearby river and started whistling inconspicuously.
"So, Brock, do you really think we'll be there by the end of the day?" RM asked. "We've been walking since 6 and it's 11 now."
"If we keep at it, probably," Brock replied.
10 hours later they were still at it and were exhausted.
"Brock, you lied," May said. "We're still not there, and it's dark!"
"Yes, we should set up camp," RM said.

Once everyone was asleep...

"Pikachu's Log: My plan is coming into play perfectly. The aggressive one is being driven mad by hunger, and everyone else is weakened by exhaustion. Soon, the team will be forced to give up, and by the time they return, the fool Ash Ketchum shall perish! And even if they don't give up, I've set up booby traps all over the cliff where the cure is, so none shall make it back alive! And the artificial fog I've placed around the cliff should intimidate them enough that they'll want to leave!"
The next morning...
"RM, we're all hungry!" Brock complained.
"Yeah, we haven't eaten in days," May said. June, on the other hand, was eyeing Fanboy and Chum Chum hungrily. Fanboy transformed into an ice cream cone and Chum Chum turned into a cupcake right before June's eyes. She lunged at them and ate them both alive.
Everyone soon continued on the quest and soon saw the cliff with the flowers. But it was surrounded in fog and a dark figure was standing over the flowers.
"Pikachu?" RM asked. "Is that you?"
"AAAAGH! HE RECOGNIZED ME!" Pikachu bellowed. "Er, I mean... Pika pi pika!"
"Hey, RM," May said, "Aren't those net traps dangling from the trees?"
RM looked up and saw the traps. "Hey, June," he said, "Fire your laser at the traps."
The traps all erupted in flames and disintegrated. The path was clear. RM ran ahead and grabbed the flowers and June grabbed Pikachu to immobilize him.
"I'm not a mortal, (Nick jingle) rat!"
June held Pikachu the rest of the way home, and in two days' time they were back in unnamed town.
Back at the mansion, Ash was almost dead -er, wasted, because Nickelodeon does some of the dialogue.
"Come on, Ash," Max said.
"Pull through for us!" Misty said.
Then RM's group arrived with the medicine.
"Here, Ash," RM said.
"Drink this," Brock said, lowering the medicine into Ash's mouth. He swallowed and slowly opened his eyes.
"Where am I?" Ash asked, looking around.
"In your bed," Henry replied. "You got food poisoning and RM, Brock, May, June, Pikachu, Fanboy, and Chum Chum saved your life. Hey, where are Fanboy and Chum Chum?"
Then June burped.
"I shouldn't have asked..."
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