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Pokemon Squad! June the Unfriendly Ghost

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Pokemon Squad! June the Unfriendly Ghost

Postby RayquazaMaster » Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:25 pm

Another one of my joint fan fics. This one's back to a G rating. FYI, it's based on a SpongeBob episode.

Brock: Are ya ready, trainers?
Kids: Ay, aye, Brock!
Brock: I can't see you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brock: Ooooooohhhhh......who lives in a manor in Unnamed Town?
Brock: There's a yellow creature who's wearing a frown! *cue to Pikachu*
Brock: If Pokemon nonsence is something you need,
Brock: Um....I like it when Pokmon breed! heh-heh
Brock: Ready?
Kids and Brock: Pokemon Squad! Pokemon Squad! Pokemon Squad!
Brock: Pokemon Squad! Heh-heh-heh-heh

June was upstairs in the room she and Sailor Pikachu shared, putting some finishing touches on her robot* which looked EXACTLY like her.
"Ah, my robot. Perfect for when Brock makes us clean our rooms and I don't want to."
As she was working, she notced something on her calender........she had a movie date with Henry at six.
"OMG! I need to shower!" She exclaimed as she ran into the bathroom.
Three minutes later, the door to her room was thrown open, and Brock and Ash ran in.
"Sailor Pikachu! Sailor Pikachu! We need somebody else to play Candy Land with us!" Ash exclaimed.
"Ash, you don't need three people to play that game. You can use two. And she's at the arcade, anyway." Brock exclaimed.
"Oh." And then he saw June (it was her robot, but remember, it looks a lot like her.)
"Hey! Let's get June to play! Wanna play, June?" Ash asked, but noticed that she didn't respond. Ash knoked on her head, and it was hard as a rock.
"JUNE"S SICK!!!! I NEED TO GIVE HER WATER!" Ash yelled as he found a conviniently located tall glass of water, and then poured it on the robot. It fell to the ground, with sparks flying everywhere....and then it's eyes turned black.
"Oh, I thouht she was dead." Ash replied.
And then....steam came from the door opening, and a mysterious figure walked out....

Meanwhile, RM, Misty, and Sailor Pikachu were playing Brawl. RM was Jigglypuff, Misty was Pokemon Trainer, and Sailor Pikachu was Pikachu. They had selected a 99 Live Brawl with unlimited time.
"It's too bad RM's friend is asleep and can't play with us," Misty said.
"Well, the fourth controller is broken, anyway," RM said.
10 minutes later they were still fighting.
Back to the main story...
June walked into the room in her bathrobe and towel and saw the robot destroyed and Ash and Brock staring at her, terrified.
"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" She screamed. "WHY I OUGHTA..."
"Please, June's Ghost!" Ash begged. "Spare us your unholy wrath!"
"Don't kill us!" Brock pleaded. "We'll do anything!" Then they both broke into tears.
"I could have fun with this..." June said...
"Alright, I'll SPARE you two," June said. "Just as long as you do everything I tell you to do, and become my personal servants."
Ash agreed to her terms, but Brock wasn't so sure.
"Ash, something's fishy," he said.
"DO AS I SAY!" June demanded.

10 minutes later, Ash and Brock were outside carrying June's throne around. But she couldn't decide on a good spot.
"Here?" Ash asked by the pond.
"Too wet," June replied. Ash and Brock moved it over to by the volcano.
"Too warm." Then they moved it over to a reenactment of Lavender Town in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.
"Sounds too creepy." June soon had them move it back to where they started, where they collapsed of exhaustion. "Perfect! Now, Brock, go to the store and buy me three containers of chocolate pudding." And with that, Brock left. Now it was just Ash and June. "Ash, here's a brick. Hit yourself in the face with it until you're unconscious." And he did. Then, Brock arrived with the pudding, which June emptied on his head.

The next day, Ash and Brock were sick of June pushing them around. She sent them to clean her closet, and they decided to rebel against her. Problem was, they didn't know how.
"How are we going to clean this mess?" Brock asked.
"Easy, we tear off the wallpaper!" Ash said, ripping off the wallpaper, and somehow in the process also removing the mess... except for a comic book. "Hey, it's a comic book!" he said. "The Secret Origin of Billy Mays!"
"Cool!" Brock replied
"Hey, look at this! When Billy Mays died, they used his body as a window maniquin at a children's clothing store. Now he's back to haunt YouTube because he was never put to rest! Do you know what this means, Brock?"
"We're going to a children's clothing store so I can stalk in the changing rooms and-"
"No, Brock, that's disturbing. We're going to put June to rest!"
Later, Ash and Brock ambushed June as she was leaving the bathroom and shot her with Tylenol in pea-shooters.
"WHAT THE (Nick jingle) WAS THAT FOR, YOU FILTHY LITTLE (Nick jingle)S?!" June demanded.
"We're going to put you to rest!" Brock said.
"The sleep aids were my idea!" Ash said.
"I don't want to be put to rest!" June yelled. She stormed off and went down stairs only to find Ash and Brock ambushing her again, this time with a coffin.
"Get in, June!" Ash said.
"NO (Nick jingle)ING WAY!" June shouted, storming off again. Then she heard what sounded like digging and ran outside to see Ash and Brock digging a hole to put the coffin in.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" she demanded.
"Oh, we were just digging this hole for the coffin," Brock said. "Hey, look, there are the mourners!"
Three buses pulled up and just about everyone June knew came out. They all looked sad, but Henry looked just about devastated.
"Oh, June," May said. "We all came as soon as we heard about your death."
"Nope," Ash said. "Just this hole."
June was just about ready to strangle him when she decided to tell him the truth. "Ash," she said. "I have something to tell you." She took off the bathrobe and towel (surprisingly, she was wearing her normal clothes underneath).
"You're FLAT?!" Ash gasped.
"NO!" June yelled. "I mean, yeah but, I'm ALIVE!!!!!!! Now tell all of your friends to go home! RIGHT NOW!"
"Go home!" Ash said. Everyone walked off a little ticked that the funeral had been phony, but also relieved that June was alive. Well, at least a little relieved. June also ran off to watch some TV, leaving Ash alone with Brock and an empty coffin.
"She really should get to the great beyond," Brock said.
"Say that again, Brock!" Ash said.
"'She really should get to the great beyond?'"
"Yay! Now again!"
June was sitting on her thrown outside, sleeping. Ash and Brock soon appeared with a high-velocity rocket launch pad they had borrowed from Max. They lifted up June's thrown with her in it and launched!
"There she goes!" Ash called.
"Bye! Remember us!" Brock shouted.
"You're welcome!" Ash said. "Well, there she goes! The great beyond!"

(June is shown in the Earth's orbit)
"So COLD..."

Meanwhile, RM, Sailor Pikachu, and Misty were still Brawling. RM had 24 live left, Misty had 18, and Sailor Pikachu had 25... make that 24, RM just launched her.
"How long will this take?!" RM said.
"We've been playing for nearly two days!" Misty added.
"Don't worry, the episode's almost over and will end when I finish talking," Sailor Pikachu sai-
(Narrator) Hey! Let me finish next time!

Note: If you wanna know about the robot, here's a clip (NOTE: I could only find it in Spanish. Gomen Nasai -_-)
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