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Pokemon Squad! Pokemon Roasting on an Open Fire

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Pokemon Squad! Pokemon Roasting on an Open Fire

Postby RayquazaMaster » Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:08 pm

This is a joint fan fic from my site. We're currently hiring additional writers, if anyone wishes to apply.
POKEMON SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The theme will incorperate elements from other opening titles)
* A hand draws a line across the screen, forming the scene. A school bus goes by, and we see many students unnamed inside. The camera focusus on the school it leaves, and inside is Ash writing on the blackboard, "I will not sneak every candy cane into my backpack or drink everyones hot chocolate". Then he leaves on a skateboard, skating onto someones car, but denting the top (you know why). He skateboards near a few TVs showing clips from Pokemin episodes. Meanwhile, Sailor Pikachu leans against a sliding glass door, with her reflection being a Sailor Senshi version of her. In another place, RM jumps of an animal carousel and does a karate-type move while at it. A bunch of different Brocks are shown in boats, going across the screen, forming the words, "Pokemon Squad". RM's friend opens up a manga book, and inside is RM and May dancing. At some lab, Pikachu is leaving a cage, writing down a plan to take over earth. Ash and Misty sudenly appear, Misty unzips herself to show it's Ash, and "Ash" does vice versa. Sailor Pikachu comes bursting out of a water tower with the Nick logo from 1985-2009, and then walks down the street, and in her thought ballon is a plan to rule over earth. She then walks in a house, goes through a strange portal. She then turns it on, it zaps her, and when she fell out, she was given ghost powers. Later, everyone is dressed up as their favorite cartoon characters and sit on the couch.

Themes used (in order)
Fairly OddParents
The Simpsons
101 Dalmatians: The Series
Sailor Moon R (opening 1)
The Penguins of Madagascar
Spongebob Squarepants
The Penguins of Madagascar
Pinky and the Brain
Tiny Toon Adventures
Invader ZIM
Danny Phantom
The Simpsons (again)

Part 1

*It's snowing in an unknown town*
In a house, in a bedroom, was a young boy, asleep. He was a bit on the short side, and he had messy black hair.
All of a sudden, that morning, his alarm radio beeped, "7:00 AM", as the song played.
Atsui kimochi wa c`est la ve, watashi ga watashi de iru kagiri...
The boy punched the radio to turn it off, and woke up. He ran downstairs, went into the living room, and turned on Nicktoons. Two seconds later, tears were running down his face and onto his Danny Phantom pajamas.
'DOUG GOT CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!" He cried.
"Ash, it got cancelled years ago, baka." Said Brock, from upstairs.
Ash blinked to stop himself, since he already was standing in a puddle. He walked into the kitchen and poared himself some cereal. Well, okay, a lot of cereal, he used up the entire box. As he was eating, he looked at his calender with the Dalmatians on it.
"DECEMBER 24!!!!!!!??????????????????" YAY!!! TOMOROW I GET TO WEAR MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!!!" Ash shouted.
He turned on the radio, and guess what was playing?
"It's the Happy Happy Joy Joy song!"
Happy happy, joy, joy, happy happy, joy joy, happy happy, joy joy, happy happy, joy joy
He danced like a complete moron in his pajamas. But when he looked outside...
"YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S RAINING SAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ash put on his winter stuff and said...
"I'm sure we're going to have to do a refrence to a cartoon that RM or Sailor Pikachu aren't supposed to watch, now that I'm in my winter stuff."
"We're not." Said Sailor Pikachu (upstairs)
"Okey dokley doo!"
Ash ran outside and built a sand-er-SNOWcastle.


RM jumped out of the snow castle dragging along his friend, who was reading Fruits Basket Fanbook: Cat.
"HI, GUYS! Guess what? I finally have a life! I'm going on a date with May tonight!!!!!"
Ash was listening to him for a moment, but then he noticed RM's friend. RM's friend's thick dark-brown hair was fluttering in the wind, like tree branches, his dark-brown eyes gazing into his book, concentration unbroken by the snow, which was gathering around his glasses. Ash's eyes grew even bigger than usual and turned into hearts. Tiny hearts began bouncing around him, when...
"Ash, this is the English dub. It would be alright in the Japanese original version, but it's not in the English dub. I don't know why, though."
Misty had walked out and noticed Ash's fit of love.
"I, um, er..." Ash couldn't explain himself because it was the English dub and what would have happened would only be allowed in the Japanese version. Nobody knew why, though.
RM then randomly said, "Brawl time!", suddenly gaining the powers of each character in Brawl.

"Hey, guys. What's uuuupppp?" Said a blond-haired girl with glasses coming outside. She was wearing her new Doug shirt (it's true!).
"Nutin` much." Ash said.
"Ash...WHY are you staring at RM's friend like that?"
"Ugh, Ash! You HAVE a girlfriend, and a million fangirls. And besides, he's a guy!"
"Aren't YOU a fangirl of me?"
"I almost did, but I have a new love now!" (I pull Danny Phantom down from the sky)
As Sailor Pikachu hugged Danny, he said, "LET GO!!! I'M TAKEN!!"
All of a sudden, Sam Manson (Danny's goth girlfriend) came into the scene, grabbed Danny, and Flip Jumped Sailor Pikachu.
"Owwwwwwww...." She said after the attack.
"WELL DON'T TAKE MUH GUY!" Sam yelled.
All of a sudden, Brock came up.
"It's not good to have fangirl crushes, Michelle." He said.
"MUH NAME IS SAILOR PIKACHU! And...you have a fanboy crush on Thoru Honda of Fruits Basket!" Sailor Pikachu screamed.
"I'M FANBOY!!" Shouted Fanboy all of a sudden. She bopped him in the head and he died.
"I HATE overusing of CGI." Said Sailor Pikachu.
Later, Dawn came out.
"Guess what I want for Christmas?" She squealed.
"A bag to put over your ugly head?" RM guessed.
"A Barney DVD?" Sailor Pikachu guessed.
"A life?" Misty guessed.
"A suic-HEY!" May started as RM put his hand over her mouth.
"A place to FINALLY live on your own and quit bothering us?" Brock guessed.
"..." Remarked RM's friend, reading his manga.
"Hannuka?" Ash guessed.
"ASH, THAT'S A HOLLIDAY, MORON!" Everyone shouted.
"You guys are mean!" Tears began to show.
"SORRY!!!!!!!!" No one wanted a huge flood, besides, there was just a snowstorm.
"NO! I want a Barbie doll! Elmo version!" Dawn answered.
"She needs help." RM whispered to Sailor Pikachu. She then laughed.
"I HEARD THAT! Do you guys even LIKE me?"
"No." Said Misty
"Nai." Said Sailor Pikachu.
"Uh-uh." Said May.
"Heck, no!" Said RM.
"Nope." Said Brock.
"Yes," Said Ash, as everyone glared at him. "I mean no."
Everyone got into a big fight over this thing, until...
Everyone ran into the house, running over Dawn, who became as flat as a pancake.
"Where did everyone go?" She asked as she got up. But then she saw Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (of Animaniacs) ready to punch, and then,
The trio then picked up Dawn (K.O'd) and dragged her away, as Yakko said,
"Baloney's getting a nice suprise for his Christmas special!"

As everyone else ran into the house, Brock wandered off on his own over to a near-by pizza place.
"Sailor Pikachu is wrong," Brock said. "I don't have a fanboy crush on Tohru. Right, Tohru?"
"Aren't you a little old for me?" Tohru replied.
"I'm 19," Brock replied. "AND YOU'RE MY GIRLFRIEND!!! <3 <3 <3!"
Tohru just stared at Brock, terrified.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Sailor Pikachu was putting the Simpsons Christmas Special DVD into the DVD player. After the disc was in, she walked back to her chair and pressed Play on the remote. But what appeared wasn't the Simpsons, it was Rick Astley!
"We're no strangers to love,
You know the rules, and so do I!
A full commitment's what I'm thinkin' of.
You wouldn't get this from any other guy!
Just wanna tell you how I'm feelin'.
Gotta make you
Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down.
Never gonna run around and
Desert you!
Never gonna make you cry!
Never gonna say good-bye!
Never gonna tell a lie
And hurt you!"
"I actually switched all the discs with Never Gonna Give You Up," Ash replied.
"UGH. Back outside, everyone," RM said. "We're gonna pay in the snow."

Once back outside, Ash noticed RM clapping.
"Isn't that nice. RM's so happy about the snow here in Unnamed Town that he's applauding it! But why isn't Sailor Pikachu clapping? HEY, SAILOR PIKACHU! CLAP!"
"But, Ash," Sailor Pikachu tried to say.
Sailor Pikachu started clapping, and Ash was covered by an avalanche.

Ash got out of the snow, steaming.
"Ash, you look like a steamed vegatable, only sma-er,dumber!" Sailor Pikachu exclaimed.
"And did you get snow in your jacket? Or is that..." Misty said.
"Is it WHAT!?" Ash screamed.
"NOTHING!" RM yelled. Ash went back to normal after that.
"Hey, guys! I got some ornaments for the tree. Wanna take a look?" Sailor Pikachu asked.
"YEAH!" Everyone yelled
They all went into the living room (except RM's friend, he was still reading his manga outside, and Dawn was on Baloney the Dinousaur), and wouldn't ya look at the decorations! Simpsons, Lady and the Tramp, Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, 101 Dalmatians, Spongebob, Pokemon, and Teh Lion King! But Sailor Pikachu looked upset.
"Where did those gingerbread men I hung go of to?" She asked.
"BURP!" I'll let you guess on that one.
"NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!" Everyone screamed.
"Uh...let's see what's on TV." Sailor Pikachu asked.
They all went up to the TV and channel surfed, until...
"Is that Dawn on Baloney and Kids?" RM laughed.

*On T.V*
Baloney: Okay, kiddies, it's time for my yum-yum doodle-dum Christmas party!
Dawn: Can't you imagine it?
Baloney: Let's sing the Imagine song!
I is for Imagine,
M is for Me,
A is for the letter A,
G is for Gee,
I is for uh, imagine,
N is for Nice,
E is for Egad-I said "imagine" twice!
Dawn: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baloney: My friend Harley said we could go in his playhouse to do Christmas arts and crafts, puppet shows, and sing-a-longs!
Dawn: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RM's friend walked into the house just then.
"He's not reading his manga anymore!" Ash screamed. "IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!"
"No, no, I just couldn't see it anymore because I was completely covered in snow," RM's friend said.
"You can talk?" asked Misty.
"You're kidding, right?" retorted RM.

Later, RM decided to play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl and played as the Pokemon Trainer. Sailor Pikachu played as Pikachu with an Ash hat. Once the Brawl began, Ash saw what they were doing.
"Why is some guy that looks like me having his Pokemon beat up my Pikachu?" Ash asked.
"What about Ritchie?" RM replied. "He looks like you and his Pokemon have beaten up Pikachu."
"And Evil Ash from the trailer for Master of Illusion: Z, the new Pokemon movie?" said Sailor Pikachu.

Answering your question, Misty was about to ask Ash if he gained weight.

The sun set, everyone ate, Ash tried dropping the pounds he gained, and they all went into the living room, where Sailor Pikachu was wearing a cute outfit and holding a mike, with a karoke machine behind her.
"I, the idol singer of Unamed Town Middle School, Sailor Pikachu," She said, "dedicate this song to you, "A Sweetheart is Santa Claus."
Long ago, a stylish older girl who was next to me
Mentioned to me on Christmas Day
'Tonight at eight o'clock
Santa is coming to my house'
'That's not true. That's just a fairy tale'
I said. She winked at me
'But, you know, when you become an adult
You too will understand, then'

A sweetheart is Santa Claus
The real Santa Claus
Outdistancing the whirlwind
A sweetheart is Santa Claus
A tall Santa Claus
Came from the snowy streets

Where is my Santa right now?
Because I'm really really waiting hard.

Since then
How many winters have come and gone
But, still today, I remember that girl
That day to a faraway city
Santa took her off with him

That's right. On some tomorrow
I too shall understand

A sweetheart is Santa Claus
The real Santa Claus
With presents in his arms
A sweetheart is Santa Claus
When it's cold out, Santa Claus
Will come from the snowy streets

A sweetheart is Santa Claus
The real Santa Claus
Outdistancing the whirlwind
A sweetheart is Santa Claus
A tall Santa Claus
Will come to my house

A sweetheart is Santa Claus
The real Santa Claus
Carrying presents
A sweetheart is Santa Claus
When it's cold out, Santa Claus.

Everyone cheered (except for RM's friend, reading another manga, and Dawn, well, you know.).
"Arigatou, arigatou minna!" Sailor Pikachu said to everyone. (Thank you, thank you everyone!)
"RUN! HIT THE DIRT!" RM yelled. Ash was to spacy to notice.
(Insert glasses breaking, screaming, ect.)
"What? Did I fart?" He asked.
Sailor Pikachu was the first to come in. "I made Christmas cookies! Just like the ones my mom made not too long ago."
But no one ate one, because a CERTAIN SOMEONE ate all of them and became VERY FAT after this!
"Um, I have Rugrats Christmas! 101 Dalmatians Christmas! Spongebob Christmas! Fairly OddParents Christmas!"
Everyone watched and had a great time. And then everyone went to bed on this night of nights...

The next morning, everyone woke up to see what Santa brought (except Dawn, who was stuck with Baloney, and Brock, who was frantically attempting to wake up RM's friend, who wouldn't wake up). Everybody got everything they wanted, except Ash, whose gifts RM had rigged to spontaneously combust. After Ash's gifts combusted, everybody laughed.
"No, no, we like you!" RM said. "It's just that it's always fun to play pranks on someone who's... um... I think I should stop there."
"Why don't you play pranks on your friend?!" Ash demanded.
"No, I don't mean someone who's unresponsive and oblivious to practically everything that occurs near him," RM said. "Speaking of (name and address withheld), where is he?"
Just then, Brock walked in carrying RM's friend, who was still asleep.
"It wasn't that hard to carry him," said Brock. "He's pretty scrawny, and pretty light."
Just then, RM's friend woke up.
"Do I smell dead pigs burning to feed the carnivores?" he said.
"Ugh, don't even, that's disgusting," said Sailor Pikachu who was a vegetarian.
"If you mean bacon, yep, you smell it," RM said. "May said she'd make us a great breakfast, with bacon, pancakes, waffles, you get the point."
"FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ash screamed, running to the kitchen.
After breakfast, RM found Sailor Pikachu's mic from the night before. He decided to sing something just for the heck of it.
Ma-Ya-Ha Ha
Ma-Ya-Ha Ha

Hello, salute, it’s me, your duke
And I made something that’s real
To show you how I feel

Hello, Hello, it’s me, pick up so
I will paint my words of love
With your name on every wall

When you leave my colors fade to gray
Woo-a woo-a hey
Woo-a woo-a woo-a hey
Every word of love I used to say

Now I paint it everyday

I sold my strings, my songs, and dreams
And I bought some pants to match the colors of my love
Hello, Hello, it’s me again, pick up so
I will spray my words of my love
With your name on every wall

When you leave my colors fade to gray
Woo-a woo-a hey
Woo-a woo-a woo-a hey
Every word of love I used to say
Now I paint it everyday

When you leave my colors fade to gray
Hey, little lover stay
Or all my colors fade away
Every word of love I used to say
Now I paint it everyday

Ma-Ya-Ha Ha
Ma-Ya-Ha Ha

Ma-Ya-Ha Ha
Ma-Ya-Ha Ha

When you leave my colors fade to gray
Woo-a woo-a hey
Woo-a woo-a woo-a hey
Every word of love I used to say
Now I paint it everyday

When you leave my colors fade to gray
Hey, little lover stay
Or all my colors fade away
Every word of love I used to say
Now I paint it everyday!"

"So, what did ya get?" Sailor Pikachu asked RM.
"I got an ipod! And you?" RM replied.
"I got an ipod, too!"
"I got a t-shirt of Flapjack!" Misty exclaimed.
"I got a picture of RM!" May yelled.
"I got a back issue of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated!" Brock screamed.
"I got a rock." Ash said as he picked up a random rock.
"Hey what was Ash getting anyway?" Sailor Pikachu asked.
"Something really explosive," said RM.
"Can we go trick-or-treating now?" Ash asked.
"Why are the insanley cute insanley dumb?" Misty asked.
"See...EVERYONE HATES ME!!!!" Ash screamed, and he ran up to his room, crying.
"Uh-oh." Sailor Pikachu ran up quickly.
She went up the stairs, and almost got herself killed, as Ash left his Danny Phantom action figures on them. But she took them, and there are many doubts that she's not givin` `em back.
"Ash?" She asked.
"No I don't, we don't hate you. Your really funny."
"I am?"
"Yeah! Remember ypur drawing of Dawn?"
"Everyone laughed. It looked like a two year old made it."
"No! We laughed because we hate her!"
"Don't blame you..."
"And you're really sweet. Remember when you offered shelter to those 99 Houndour and their two Houndoom parents? Well, you made sure that Jessie didn't find them so she could make `em into a coat for Giovanni, and then you returned them to the nice couple and their housekeeper!"
"Right. And don't listen to them-GIOVANNI ISN'T MY DAD!"
"And you're well, let's ace it, you're kinda cute, sorta."
"Thanks. But I'm taken. Although Misty's bossy, I still love her. And I'm surrounded by other girls as well."
"I know! I love someone else."
Ash and Sailor Pikachu came down later.
"Hey, Sailor Pikachu, we're going out to shouvle(sp?) snow in the driveway. Can you make sure Ash doesn't eat the rest of the cookies?" Brock asked.
"I sure will!" Sailor Pikachu answered.
Her eyes were on Ash until she thought she saw someone....
"OMG, IS THAT DANNY PHANTOM?" She asked with huge hearts in her eyes. She ran out to go chase him, as Ash, well, just guess.


Meanwhile, RM and May went to a nearby pizza place for their date. They noticed Tohru Honda looking petrified sitting at a table. RM walked over to her.
"Hey, Tohru," he said. "What's wrong?"
"D-d-date with B-brock," she stammered. "SO S-S-SCARY."
"I should have known," said RM.
"So, RM, what do you want on your pizza?" asked May.
"Bacon, pepperoni, sausage, olives, and extra cheese!" RM replied.

Meanwhile, Ash stuffed himself with cookies. A little boy and his mom walked by the house near the kitchen window.
"Mommy! Look at the Pokeball!" The boy exclaimed.
"Sweetie, that's not a Pokeball, that's an Ash." The mom replied. They walked away.
Then, Brock and the othners walked in.
"ASH! WHAT DID YOU DO?" Misty yelled.
"I told Sailor Pikachu to watch him!" Brock yelled.
A second later, Dawn opened the door, looking like she saw a ghost.
"Gee, what happened to you?" Brock asked.
"Baloney...Harley's....Playhouse...Sing-a-longs...Puppet shows...Arts and Crafts..." Was all Dawn could say.
Then, RM and May walked in.
"HAW-HAW!" RM laughed.
"BTW, where's Sailor Pikachu?" Asked May.
"Mm-mm." Said Brock as he shrugged his shoulders.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAM, HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Danny Phantom screamed.
"COME BACK! COME BACK, GHOST BOY!" Sailor Pikachu shouted to him.

*cue High Touch!*
Story by: RM and Sailor Pikachu
Original Concept by: Satoshi Tajiri
Ash Ketchum/May-Veronica Taylor
Misty/Jessie-Rachel Lilis
Brock/James-Eric Stuarts
Dawn-Emily Jenness
RM's Friend-Himself
Sailor Pikachu (speaking)-Tara Strong
Sailor Pikachu (singing)-Yoko Ishida
Yakko Warner-Rob Paulsen
Baloney the Dinosaur-Jeff Bennett
Danny Phantom-David Kaufman
Sam Manson-Grey Delisle
Fanboy-David Hornsby
Kid-E.G Daily
Mom-Kath Suocie

Pokemon Squad Theme Song
Written by: Sailor Pikachu

C`est La Vie~Watashi no Naka no Koi Suru Bubun
Preformed by: Ayaka Komatsu

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Preformed by: John Kricfalusi and Billy West

Never Gonna Give You Up
Preformed By: Rick Astley

Koibito ga Santa Claus (A Sweetheart is Santa Claus)
Preformed by: Yoko Ishida

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
Preformed by: Veronica Taylor

Whatever the song RM was singing
Preformed by: RM

The Imagine Song
Preformed by: Jeff Bennett

Danny Phantom Theme (Instrumental Version) (Played at end)
Written by: Guy Moon

High Touch!
Preformed by: Rica Matsumoto and Megumi Toyoguchi

POKEMON and all related tiltes, charcters, and stuff is copyright of Nintendo/Shogekugan/JR Kikaku/GAME FREAK/TV Tokyo/Creatures/ShoPro/The Pokemon Company International/Universal/Cartoon Network 1995-2010

The Simpsons copyright of 20th Century Fox

Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King and a little bit of Doug is copyright of Disney

Rugrats, Danny Phantom, The Ren and Stimpy Show, Fanboy and Chum Chum (...), Spongebob Sqaurepants, The Fairly OddParents and Doug copyright of Viacom

The Powerpuff Girls, The Marvoules Misadventures of Flapjack, and Animaniacs copyright of Time Warner

This FanFic wouldn't be possible without the original Pokemon anime, card game, and viseo games, and without the support from RM. Thanks!

2009-2010 Ghost Girl productions.

EPILOUG (after the credits)
Danny Phantom finally lost Sailor Pikachu
"Well, I fought five villians, and had a fangirl chase me today. Could this get any worse?" He asked.
"Prepare for Trouble!"
"Make it Double!"
*Danny faints*
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