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Pokemon Squad! Pokemon Squad Goes to the Beach

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Pokemon Squad! Pokemon Squad Goes to the Beach

Postby RayquazaMaster » Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:29 pm

Another TV PG rated joint fan fic!

Ashy is an average Trainer
Who no-one understands.
Delia and (Ash's father's name [unknown]) and Paul
Always giving him commands!
(Paul: Pathetic!)
Bored and sad he's in his tent,
Must go to Dawn's next contest instantly,
But his magic Pokemon
make the fun rage on,
'cause in reality,
They are his
OddPokemon, Fairly OddPokemon!
Dawn: PokeBalls and Badges!
Brock: Spiky hairy patches!
OddPokemon, Fairly OddPokemon,
Master Ball, catch 'em all, sort of tall, fun battle!
Ash: PokeDex, Gym Badge, Porygon, moron, giant Arbok, toasters that talk, edible clock, DINNER! OMNOMNOM!
OddPokemon, Fairly OddPokemon,
Just can't contain 'em, when you are the Trainer with
Fairly OddPokemon!
Paul: Pathetic!
(Title card: A beach is shown with Ash running around badly sunburnt and screaming in pain. The words "Pokemon Squad Goes to the Beach" are shown in the picture. Ash and the words disappear showing the basic credits)
The first day of summer. Brock awoke to the bright sun pouring in through his bedroom windows at 10:00 AM.
"It's not even noon," Brock said. "What the Darkrai am I doing up?" He looked over to RM's Friend's bed and saw RM's Friend asleep with a Lucky Star manga over his face. "I guess he read himself to sleep again. He was still reading when I fell asleep around midnight..." Brock went downstairs for some breakfast and noticed that everyone else was gone. He saw a note on the table:
Went to Walmart to buy new swimsuits. Should be back around 3. Remember to mow the lawn and clean the gutters while we're out.
-Everyone else except RM's Friend

"Why do I have to clean the gutters and mow the lawn?!" Brock yelled. He stormed off to Max's lab to get some acid to dissolve everything in the gutters. He poured the acid in and then noticed that Fanboy and Chumchum, who had been sleeping in the gutters, were dissolving due to the acid.
"I thought Sailor Pikachu killed them five episodes ago?" He poured more acid in the gutters and within minutes everything in the gutters (including Fanboy and Chumchum) had been dissolved completely. He then proceeded to mow the lawn. But just as he started, he heard a second lawn mower mowing the lawn next door. He looked over the fence and saw Barney mowing the lawn at the Yaoi House.
"Huhuhuh! Hiya, friendly friend!" Barney said. "Mowing the lawn?"
"Um, yeah," Brock replied. "I'm going to use Max's catapult to launch some acid over the fence and onto your lawn mower and hopefully also you." He readied the catapult and launched the acid into the Yaoi House's yard. It landed right on the lawn mower, which then exploded in a fiery inferno. Barney caught on fire, too.
"It burns! It burns! Ahuhuhuhuh!" Barney screamed, still smiling.
Brock soon finished the lawn and saw everybody arriving back home with several bags of swimsuits from Walmart.
"Hi, Brock!" Ash called.
"Did you do the chores we asked you to do?" Misty said.
"Yup, I cleaned out the gutters, dissolved Fanboy and Chumchum with acid, mowed the lawn, and set Barney on fire," Brock replied. "So, I guess we're going to the beach soon?"
"Yup, today!" Max said. They all piled into Professor Oak's minivan and Professor Oak drove them to the beach.


Everyone was in the car headed for the beach (don't ask how they all fit), watching Ponyo on the car's DVD player.
"FOR THE THIRTIETH TIME, NO!" Prof. Oak replied.
Then, some song Oak liked started playing on the radio. He started driving his car to the music, angering the other drivers.
"Hey, Brock! I think everyone knows Proffeser Oak!" Ash exclaimed happily.
"Yeah! They're all honking and waving!" Brock replied.
"MOVE IT, PROFESSER!" One driver yelled.
"They know his name, too!" Henry added.
"Shut up, Henry." June remarked. Professer Utoniom drove by with his daughters in the car.
"Uh, Professer, we're superheroes!" Blossom stated as the Professer drove badly.
"We can fly!" Bubbles added.
"Yeah! Can't you let us fly to the museum?" Buttercup added also.
"Look, girls, I thought it would be nice if we all were together uh...transporting." Professer Utonium replied.

Then they FINALLY arrived. The girls exited one by one, as Brock store at them happily.
First was May. She was in her new green and yellow bikini. Jiggle physics are shown.
Then came Sailor Pikachu. Her glasses were put in a case in her Hello Kitty tote, and was wearing her short purple bikini. Jiggle physics shown, but just a bit more than May.
After that, was Misty. She was wearing a red bikini. A little less jiggle physics than the first.
Dawn was next. She was wearing a pink one-peice. Minor jiggle physics.
Finally, June came out in her black and purple two piece. No jiggle physics. Brock came back to earth when she came out.

Then the dudes came out.
"Guys, I'm finding a spot, look for the Pokemon towel on the beach." Oak said, but everyone else ran to the water. "Kids."

"All right, the swimsuit contest is starting!" Brock said. "Wow, we've got nine contestants! Wait, nine? Aren't there only six girls?"
Then he noticed RM and James standing next to June in bikinis.
"Maybe when you're our age, you'll look like us!" They said to June.
"I dread the thought..." June replied.
"Well, that still leaves one contestant," Brock said. "Wait, isn't that Ash?!"
"N-no," the obese contestant in the pink Dora bikini said. "I'm not Ash! I'm... uh... June!" Then June walked up and punched the contestant in the face. "Okay, I'm Ash."
"Ash, get out of the bikini!" Brock yelled.
"Why aren't you telling RM and James to take off the bikinis?" Ash asked.
"Because they're not fat! Now take it off!"
"Fine. I will." So Ash took off his bikini.
"ASH, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES OR A CENSOR BAR OR SOMETHING!" Brock yelled at Ash, who was now standing on the beach naked. Ash put on a censor bar. Then some random guy walked by and noticed Ash's huge stomach.
"Dude, put that thing away!" he said. "There are, like, children here!" Ash started crying and ran to the snack bar, which was out of business by the end of the day because Ash bought everything.
"Now, back to the swimsuit contest," Brock said. Everyone looks great! Except you, June. Sorry."
"(Nick jingle) you, Brock!" June yelled, kicking Brock in the stomach.
"Okay, we've still got seven contestants! Sorry James, sorry RM, but you guys can win, you're not girls."
"Stupid son of a Bulbasaur!" they screamed at Brock.

"Okay! The swimsuit contest will begin shortly!" Brock announced.
As June heard this, she took out her ponytail, and got the body of a shonen anime teen girl. Soon, all the boys had nosebleeds.
"Wait....June what happened to you?" Brock asked as he fainted.
"Uh..........well........Brock can't judge right now, so how about we take a break?" RM suggested.
The girls agreed as they ran toward the waves. June saw Loopy (she was there for some reason) building a sandcastle, and stepped on it.

They soon got back onto the sand. And RM apparently found another portable DVD player.
"Nice!" May said.
"Not really. Guess what the DVD is?" RM replied.
"It's a scratched copy of Pokemon: The First Movie?" Sailor Pikachu guessed.
"It's Strawberry Shortcake?" Misty guessed.
"A fan-made DVD of Saban Moon?" Dawn guessed.
"N. It's a DVD of The Wizard of Oz"
Everybody cheered, until....
"...the animated series."

Rabi~En~Rose: What? The best is yet to come!
About an hour later, Brock came to... because Ash had accidentally dropped his ice cream cone on Brock's face.
"Aw, man," Ash whined. "I lost my ice cream!"
"Ash!" Brock yelled. "Why did you drop this on my face?!"
"You're a lifeguard?" Ash replied.
"No, of course not!" Brock said. "What makes you ask that?"
"That white stuff on your nose!"
"Ash, that's the ice cream you spilled on my face!"

Then they continued they swimsuit contest. There were only five contestants left: May, Sailor Pikachu, Misty, Dawn, and Jessie.
"Misty, you're out," Brock said. Misty grabbed a crab from the sand and threw it at Brock. It grabbed onto his chin and wouldn't let go.
"AAH! AAH! GET IT OFF!" Brock yelled. A sea gull flew by and ate it off Brock's chin.
"Oh, good, it's off," Brock said. "Let's continue. Dawn, you're out." Dawn stormed off and threw all her ribbons at Brock. He expertly dodged all of them.
"Our three finalists: May, Sailor Pikachu, and Jessie! Who will win? Everybody in the audience, cast your vote!"

It was down to May, Jessie, and Sailor Pikachu. Brock couldn't seem to make up his mind, but then he remembered something.
"Oh, hey, Jessie," he said, "You're listed as an antagonist on Bulbapedia. Get lost. You lose." Jessie stormed off and then became SD and yelled at Brock.
Then it was just May and Sailor Pikachu. Lots of Jiggle Physics. Brock was having trouble making up his mind. So...
"Hey guys, I'm going to do Eenie Meenie Miney Moe now. I know it seems like something Ash would do, but I can't make up my mind." His finger landed on...
"Sailor Pikachu, you win the swimsuit contest! Here's your prize: a $500 Hot Topic gift card and a DSiXL!"
"Great, thanks Brock," she responded. "But I have one question: Since Professor Oak left, how do we get home?"
"... Oh. Good point."
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