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Pokemon Squad! RM and Brock's Teenage Party Cartoon

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Pokemon Squad! RM and Brock's Teenage Party Cartoon

Postby RayquazaMaster » Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:21 pm

Yet another one of my joint fan fics. This one is actually rated TV PG, as opposed to the G rating of the previous ones.

"Gotta Catch 'Em All!"
Race to his mansion,
Annoy all his friends,
He's a
Mega-smart Pokemon Master.
A strong Pachirisu,
And an ultra-powerful Mudkip, too (Mud mud!)
He will
beat every single Gym Leader!
This is some theme verse
Of Rayquaza Master!
(A Jimmy Neutron style title card is shown with the words "RM and Brock's Teenage Party Cartoon" written in pink bubble letters with balloons on either side)
RM and Brock were sitting on the sofa playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. RM was playing as Jigglypuff and Brock was playing as Zero Suit Samus and was constantly losing.
"You know, Brock," RM said, "You're not even trying to win."
"I know," Brock said. "I'm playing as Zero Suit Samus because she's hot and I just want to watch her bouncing around and-"
"Okay, Brock, that's enough!" Henry shouted from the other room.
"So, RM, your birthday is soon," Brock said. "How about we arrange a party? I could help."
"Sure, thanks!" RM said. Then Ash walked into the room carrying lemonade and tripped on his nonexistent shoelace, spilling it on Brock's pants.
"Hey, Brock!" Ash said. "You wet yourself!"
Then Brock stormed off to his room to change his pants and saw RM's Friend reading Naruto.
"He won't notice," Brock said, and proceeded to change his pants. Then...
"Hello, when you least expect it! I'm Cameron the Photographer!"
"You look so photogenic right now! Why not have your picture taken?"
Then Brock ran downstairs screaming, "THERE'S A MIDDLE-AGED MAN IN MY ROOM WATCHING ME CHANGE!"
"Dick Solomon is in your room?" RM asked.
"NO!" Brock yelled. "He's balding, he's carrying a camera, and he said I looked photogenic when I was changing!"
"Oh, that's just Cameron the Photographer," RM said. "He's everywhere! Why, just last week..."

(Misty is in her bathroom after going to the beach. She's just about to start showering when...
"Hello, when you least expect it! I'm Cameron the Photographer!"

"...and that's what happened with him last week!" RM continued. "I'm serious, he just appears out of nowhere. He's gotta be the most disturbing middle-aged man I've ever met."

(Pikachu is in his room throwing flaming darts at a dartboard with Ash's picture on it. He starts to talk to himself.)
"Ash, the end for you is near!"
"Hello, when you least expect it! I'm Cameron the Photographer! You look so photogenic right now! Why not have a picture taken?"

"I wonder what we can do for the party?" RM asked.
"I KNOW! LET'S DO SPIN-THE-BOTTLE!" Brock exclaimed.
"NO! How about we rent a movie!"
"No! I was thinking of New Moon."
"Awwww. Can we play "7 Minutes in Heaven"?"


*June is upstairs taking a shower, when all of a sudden, the curtain is pulled open by a three-eyed CGI monkey and a balding middle-aged man holding a camera*
"Hi! I'm Paul!"
"Hello, when you least expect it! I'm Cameron the Photographer!"
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" June screamed. Then we see a shot of her holding up her fist, but with the finger area blocked by a smiley face.

"Hey, Brock," RM said. "Should we hire a band to play at the party?"
"Yeah!" Brock replied. "Let's hire Puffy Ami Yumi!"
"No! Let's hire Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms!"
"Hey, RM," Brock said. "Why did you ask me to help with your party if you're not accepting my ideas?"
"Some of your ideas are outlandish and others I don't like, but some are pretty good."
"Great. How about we ban Ash to his room?"
"Great idea! Let's! How about we invite everybody who's anybody?"
"Sure! How about Link, King Julien, Mort, Maurice, and Larry's fangirls?"
"Of course! Now our preparations are complete, so we can start putting the party together! We're inviting everyone who can come but Ash, right?"
"Wait, didn't you just say 'Larry?'"
Then, a mob of fangirls stampeded into the room shouting...

Sailor Pikachu just woke up and hasn't had her coffee yet. Suddenly...
"Hello, when you least expect it! I'm Cameron the Photographer! You look so photogenic right now! Why not have a picture taken?"
Sailor Pikachu was just about to throw a textbook at him when Paul the 3-eyed monkey appeared with a microphone!"
"Hi, I'm Paul!
Ha ha, I'm Paul (I'm Paul!)
Hi, I'm Paul!
Ha ha ha ha I'm Pa-pa-pa-papa-Paul!
Paul! Paul! Pa pa Paul!"


"I HEARD YOU GUYS ARE HAVING A PARTY!!!!!" Ash yelled as he ran down the stairs.
"Yeah, and you can't come." Rm said.
"Awwwwwwwwwww. Why not?"
"it's only for MATURE kids, not idiots."
"Me mature! Me not idiot!"
"Go to your room. Here's a toy." RM gave Ash a slightly large box and Ash brought it upstairs.
As he got up to his room, he opened it up. It looked like a normal Christmas tree.
"BORING!" But as soon as he said it....the tree came to life...
"Hi! I'm Douglas Fir! "Up on the housetop, the reindeer pause, out comes good old Santa Clause..."

Downstairs, Brock was getting some drinks together.
"Brock, those better not be alcoholic beverages!" RM shouted.
"They're not! They're juice!" He said, but smiling at the audience.
The entire cast except Ash ran down for the party.
"Ah, I'm a little thirsty. Hey, I didn't know we had Kool-Aid! But why is in such a fancy cup?" June asked as she took a sip....
"Hey, Henry! Since when do you have triplets?" June asked, shaking and laughing uncontrollably.
"June, are you sure that's juice?" Henry asked. "I don't think you should be drinking that."
"That's nice, Henry! You're so smart and kind!"


"I don't need their dumb party," Ash said to his stuffed Jigglypuff. "I can throw one just as good as theirs! Right, Mrs. Puff?"
But the Jigglypuff didn't say anything.
"That's okay, take your time."
2 hours later, RM's party had really heated up! Every guest had arrived, and the band was finally there!
"Hello there!" Richard Alvarez said.
"Are you ready?" Chris Muller shouted.
"All right! Let'sa rock!" Doug Orofino said.
"Some Gooomba once told me King Koopa's gonna own me,
My plunger's still locked up in the woodshed.
I was feeling kind of down 'till my brother came around
With that cool looking L on his forehead.

Well, he said "Hey Brother, we still got each other.
Bowser's just a jerk who never had a mother.
I know your plunger's locked up on that shack,
So we'll knock down the door and get it back.
Take up a stand and follow me,
Ash just called and he needs a buddy.
His toilet is clogged up again.
And we should go help out our friend."

Hey now, you're a plumber, get your plunger, go plunge!
Hey now, you're a rocker, get your guitar, go grunge!
Bowser's stinky and old,
Only superstars get the gold!

Ash said, "Mario, it was my Charmander.
He was taking a crap until he fell down there,
Now I'm really afraid hes a goner,
Cant you help me out since you are a plumber?"
I said "Ash, this is really lame.
Pokemon can never be potty trained.
Next time charmander, has to take a dump.
Make him do it outside you stupid chump."

Hey now, you're a plumber, get your plunger, go plunge!
Hey now, you're a rocker, get your guitar, go grunge!
Bowser's stinky and old,
Only superstars get the gold!

(Unintelligble Ramblings ???)

Hey now, you're a plumber, get your plunger, go plunge!
Hey now, you're a rocker, get your guitar, go grunge!
Bowser's stinky and old,
Only superstars!

Wario came in and said, "Now things can begin.
I''ve got a plunger and I know how to use it."
I said, "What?! You can't do that!
I can plunge it just fine myself."
Man this song's really not in my raaaaaannnnge!

Well, we kept on plungin' and it was not budgin'
Ash played his flute and we kept on grungin'
Didn't make sense to do this for free,
So we asked Ash, "Hey! Where is our fee?"
And his excuse was he was broke,
'cause he just lost a bet with Gary Oak.
Well I said, "I guess we'll go." GO!!!
"See ya' never you cheap phycho!"

Hey now, you're a plumber, get your plunger, go plunge!
Hey now, you're a rocker, get your guitar, go grunge!
Bowser's stinky and old,
Only superstars get the gold!

Bowsers stinky and old,
Only superstars get the gold!"
The crowd began cheering loudly enough for Ash to hear, and Ash began to cry.
All of Ash and Larry's fangirls heard him and ran upstairs screaming, "IS THAT ASH?!"

To be continued...
When RM and Brock noticed the fangirls rushing up to Ash's room they tried to stop them.
"WAIT!" RM shouted. "That's not Ash!"
"Yeah," said Brock. "I left the TV on! It was... um... RM: Boy Genius!"
"Is that the show with the cute otaku?" one of the fangirls asked.
"Uh... yes?" RM replied.
"SQUEE!" the fangirls shouted.
"NO!" RM yelled. "It's not RM: Boy Genius! It's Go Brock Go!"
"Don't lie to us," one fangirl said. "We know it's Ash!"
"RM, we're getting nowhere with these coverups!" Brock said.
"Don't worry, Brock," RM responded. "I welded Ash's door shut."
"They'll claw their way in," Brock said. Then, RM ran back down to the party and got Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, and Link.
"We'll climb in Ash's room from a window and then fight off any fangirls that make it in," RM said. "Any questions?"
Link raised his hand.
"Yes, Link?"
"Yes, Link, I would like to borrow the Master Sword for this fight."

Then, they climbed into Ash's room, prepared to fight off the fangirls, and saw Ash having a tea party with his Pokemon plushes, including a talking Dialga wearing an apron and a flower hat!
"Oh really? That is so interesting! Would you like some more tea, Mrs. Nesbit?"
"Ash, it's us!" Brock said. "We've come to save you from the fangirls that are about to attack!"
"What's that, Mr. Giratina?" Ash said to his Giratina plush. "Brock smells? That's not very nice, even if it IS TRUE!"
"Ash, what the *nick jingle* are you doing?" Brock asked.
"Brock, don't use naughty words arond innocent little children like me!" Ash scolded.
Ash turned to his stuffed Pichu. "What's that Ms. Pichu? If Brock isn't nice to me he's going to die single? Now that's true."

"Uh...Henry, is June going to be okay?" Sailor Pikachu asked at the party.
"I don't know." Henry replied.
"HEY! Get away from him, Sailor Pikachu! How come you had five kids that look like yous guys........" June said drunkly as she fainted.
"I LOVE this new contest dress I got for the party!" Dawn said happily.
"No comment, Dawn." Misty snarked.

"Ash," RM said, "A mob of deranged fangirls are about to break into your room and we're here to fight them off and save you!"
"Fangirls?" Ash said. "YAY, MORE TEA PARTY GUESTS!"
"This is pointless!" stormed Brock. He returned to the party and found June. "Come on, June, let's play 7 Minutes in Heaven!" He dragged off June while King Julien tried to throw everyone except himself off the dance floor.
"BE MAKING WAY FOR THE PARTY KING!" Julien shouted. "I am feeling a need to be shaking my booty!" Mort then jumped onto Julien's feet and Julien kick him off and out the window into a nearby Gyarados-infested lake.
"YAY, FISHY!" Mort squealed.

Meanwhile, back in Ash's room, the fangirls had nearly clawed their way in.
"SHYAAAA!" Link yelled, warning to fangirls to back up. But of course they didn't. They clawed their way into Ash's room. Link shot several arrows into the mob. Jimmy shrank some of the fangirls with his shrink ray. Carl rode a llama into the mob. Sheen fought some of the fangirls with fake karate and ended up making them want to leave. Soon, the fangirls were gone.
"Aw, man," RM said. "I never got to use the Master Sword!"

Much much much later

Elmo: *BEEP* you, Tiffany!

oh, wrong show.

Much much much later

"Bye everyone!" RM said as the guests left.
"I'm done!" Brock yelled as he and June left the closet. Henry was staring angrily at Brock as June ran into his arms.
"It was terrible! And he was touching me!" June cried. And then Sonic delivered his famous lines..........

"Well, we're out of tea!" Ash said to his toys. He went downstairs to get some cookies,and then found Brock's juice.............................
Brock: C'mon June, let's go play 7 Hours in... oh, wait, I mean minutes! Minutes!
Brock: C'mon June, let's go forget our lines like I just did!
Matt Provencal (in a weird voice): BROCK!
RM: Matt, you're not even our camera man!
(RM, Brock, Link, Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl enter Ash's room and see Rudy and Snap)
Snap: Do you guys mind, bucko?
RM: Sorry, wrong room!
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