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*Forum Switch* New GoG!

What were once bulletin announcements are now old news.

*Forum Switch* New GoG!

Postby Chuey » Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:35 am

Hello everyone! On July 26, 2012, late at night, a mini event was held. It was called the July Revival Round, and consisted of a flash quiz of ten tricky questions assorted by AB and myself. It was named based off of the May Revival Round because the event had "revival" in the title. The Gondola of Goodies was a separate event, but I always associate the two by mistake. (Gondola of Goodies was in May of 2008; the MRR was in 2009) Gondola of Goodies actually has the same abbreviation of Galapagos of Gamers though, so this gave away the surprise a bit early; I had to eliminate any idea that GoG was being released anew.

The prize for completing the game was a link to the brand new site, which will be at the bottom of the post. Props to Jacob and then Mike for completing the puzzling quiz before the others. The site will have a new mascot, the turtle Galouis, and from the new site is an archive of the original GoG up until the end of January 2012. Sadly we had no later backup and then Zymic cut off our service for no real legitimate reason. This new site will be our new home and hopefully be a great place to be.

Join us at Galapagos of Gamers!

PS: For those who are not of our close community and not aware of our long history, come join us and find out at our new site! We'll inform you and be as welcoming as possible. :)
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