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I'm posting my novel here and no one will know muhahaha

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I'm posting my novel here and no one will know muhahaha

Postby Star125 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:08 pm

"It's like a dream!" The young maid had never been in such a grand mansion before. "I know I'll just be working here as a maid, but being in a place like this, I almost feel like a princess!" Today this young woman will begin working as a maid at the Levine estate. The Levine family is a noble family that lords over the city of Viano in eastern Friloth.
"Is this your first time working for a noble family?" The head maid took notice of the new recruit's excitement.
"Ah, yes!" the young maid replied. "I've only worked as a housemaid for... um, less rich families. I'm really nervous about working here, heh heh..."
"Don't worry, you'll get used to it in time! You're still doing the job you've always done, just in a slightly larger space. Really, you'll be fine."
"Yes! I'll do my best!"
After a few weeks, the new maid was starting to feel settled in. She could make her way through the mansion without getting lost now, and she had gotten to know a bit more about the nobles who she was serving. The master of the mansion is Lord Hagen, a large, intimidating man at first sight, but he's surprisingly gentle. His wife passed away several years ago, but he never remarried. He has two children, a son and a daughter, both in their twenties. The son, Matthew, is a hard working young man who is eager to succeed his father. The daughter, Analise, is a beautiful young woman who is currently engaged to the son of a noble in a neighboring city. They were all amazing people. No wonder they were nobles.
However, something had been bothering the maid for some time. There was one room in the mansion that she had not yet been in: the library. She had seen other maids go in and out of it, but neither Lord Hagen nor his children ever went near it, or even mentioned it. She just assumed that they weren't interested in any of the books in the library.
After two months of working in the Levine mansion, the young maid was finally assigned a job in the library. She was to organize the put all the books back on the shelves and organize them. She was excited that she would finally get to see the mysterious library, but then a thought occured to her. "If no one ever uses the library... why would the books be off the shelves?" She found herself getting nervous as she opened the door to the library, not knowing what to expect.
Inside the library, she could tell right away that someone had been using it, a lot. Books were scattered around all over the place, on the tables, on the floor, everywhere. The maid began putting the books back on the shelves while questions ran through her mind. "Who could be doing this? Maybe it's master Matthew? He does study a lot... but he's so neat and organized. Lady Analise doesn't seem to be the the type to make a mess like this either. Maybe it's Lord Hagen? But I've never seen him go in here before. Maybe he-" as she was pondering all this, she saw a shadow of figure out of the corner of her eye. She stopped what she doing and looked behind the bookcase, where she thought she saw someone. Sure enough, someone was there.
Behind the bookcase, at a small table piled with books, was a young girl, who seemed to be around early teens, with long, rose-colored hair and the most beautiful bright green eyes she had ever seen. She looked almost like a doll. The maid was stunned. Who was this girl? What was she doing here? The young girl took notice of her and looked up from the book she was reading, and spoke, with a soft, pure voice.
"Ah, you're a new one. You seem... surprised to see me. I suppose no one told you about me, huh? Doesn't surprise me." Her voice trailed off to a whisper. "I don't exist, after all..."
The maid was still stunned, but managed to ask what she most wanted to know. "Who... are you?"
The girl looked back down at her book, and with a quiet voice, replied, "I... don't even know myself." She then resumed reading.
The maid wanted to ask her what she meant, but decided against it and went back to work. She occasionly glanced over at the girl, who just kept reading.
The next day, the maid kept finding herself thinking about the girl, so she decided she would ask someone who knew who she was and what she was doing in the library all by herself. Later in the day after she had finished all of her chores, she found the head maid and asked her if she knew anything about the girl in the library.
"Oh, you saw her? The girl living in the library? You're lucky, most of the servants who work have never seen her throughout all their years of working here. She's almost like a legend!" The head maid's got quiet as she continued, "That girl... I feel sorry for her. She's been living all alone in the library her whole life, and the master and his family don't even acknowledge her existance. But that's the way it has to be. After all, she is... Lord Hagen's illegitimate child."
The maid's eyes widened. "Illegitimate... child?"
The head maid nodded. "Two years before the master's wife passed away, he took a mysterious woman in as his mistress. She was a very beautiful woman, with long rose-colored hair and beautiful green eyes, just like her daughter. She was kept in the mansion secretly. Most of the servants didn't know about her, the master's wife never knew about her, and Matthew and Analise never knew about her, even to this day. Only a month after she gave birth, she disappeared, leaving the child behind. The child has been kept hidden away in the library ever since, with only Lord Hagen and a few of the servants knowing of her existence. If the secret of Lord Hagen having an illegitimate child were to be leaked, his reputation would be ruined."
"I-is it really okay for me to know all this?"
"Whoever assigned you a job in the library must have told you to keep what you saw in there a secret, didn't they?
"They didn't..."
"Sigh... I guess someone's getting fired then."


My name is Rose. I'm thirteen years old... I'm pretty sure. It's not like I ever have birthday parties, and no one's ever told me when my birthday is, but I'm pretty sure i should be about thirteen years old now. I've spent my whole life living by myself in this library. The only human contact I get is from the maids who bring me food and clean up after me. My main hobby is reading. It's about all I can do, really, but I love reading so I don't mind much. Even though I've spent my whole life in this one library, I feel like I've traveled all over the world and had all kinds of adventures, thanks to books. Books are my life. Books are my friends. Books are my family. Everything around me is books. Everything I am is books. Books are everything. Books are the world. Books are all I've ever known. Everything I know about the world comes from books. Everything I know about people comes from books. All of my knowledge comes from books. But... my knowledge is limited to only the books in this library. Father occasionly adds more books to the library, but... I want more. I want to know more! I want to read every book in the world. I want to read every story, know everything there is to know. But most of all... I want a story of my own. I want to experience the world outside of books.
Also, I want to know more about my mother. Who she was, where she came from, what happened to her. She left me one keepsake, a book filled with only blank pages. But there's more to it than that. It's a magic book that fills with words when I come into contact with another person. The words are that person's story. So far, I've only read the stories of the maids who come into the library, but I want to know more peoples' stories. And most of all, I want a story of my own! And for that, I need to leave this place. I need to go out into the world and make a story for myself. I need to escape, but I don't know how, and if I tried and failed, I fear what would happen to me. Even if I did manage to escape, what would I do then? Where would I go? I know nothing of the world outside. With all these fears holding me back, I may end up staying here the rest of my life. I'm so weak. If only someone would come for me and get me out of here. But... that's impossible. No one even knows I exist.
"Please... someone... anyone... if there's anyone out there who knows I exist... please... I beg you... get me out of this place! Show me the world that I don't know! Please... someone..."
The words began flowing out my mouth as tears began flowing out my eyes. Ahh, my book is getting wet. What's the point of crying like this, nothing is going to change. Nothing will ever change! There will never be a miracle for me. It is my fate to live my entire life hidden away from the world, I should just accept that. But... I can dream can't I? Is that... so wrong?
As I sat there crying, I heard loud noises coming from outside. Is someone... shouting?


"So this is where the Guardian is being held hostage, huh?"
A young woman with long, blonde pigtails and sharp blue eyes wearing an armored red dress with a cape stood in front of the Levine Manor, having just broke down the front door with an axe made of ice.
"Lady Adrienne, wasn't it a bit unneccessary to break the down? We're trying not to make enemies here."
Her companion was a tall woman with mid-length light pink hair, gray eyes, and wearing a black and white dress almost reminiscient of a maid's uniform.
"But Willow, these are the monsters who are holding the Guardian hostage! Do you expect them to let her go if we just ask politely? No! Nobles are greedy bastards who will only give something up if you take it from them by force! I'm here to fight, not negotiate!"
"W-who are you?! What have you come here for?!"
The master of the house, Hagen Levine, ran up to the entrance, enraged and in shock.
Adrienne faced and and started to approach him.
"I'm with the Friloth Resistance Force! You're the owner of this place, right? Where are you keeping the Guardian?!"
Lord Hagen was incredulous. "Guardian? I have no idea what you're talking about! Friloth's Guardian has been missing for over twenty years! Why would I know where she is?"
Adrienne smirked. "Heh, you probably had no idea did you? That the woman you knocked up was the Guardian?"
"What woman? You mean my wife? That impossible, she was-"
"Not your wife, dumbass! The mother of the kid you have all locked up! She was the Guardian, and so is that kid! By keeping her locked up, you've comitted a crime against your family, your citizens, and all of Friloth!"
Lord Hagen's face was completely colorless at this point. "Lies... You speak nothing but lies! Where is your proof?!"
"I'm going to go get it now, so get out of my way." Adrienne kicked him aside and went into the mansion, with her servant Willow following behind.
"Lady Adrienne, wait up! You went too far! I know you hate nobles, but we'd be best to not make enemies of them! They have a lot of power, after all."
"Eh, we can handle anything they throw at us. The important thing now is to get the Guardian out of here!"
After searching through the mansion for a while, they came upon the door to the library.
"That energy seems to be stronger here. Lady Adrienne, the Guardian must be behind this door! So, um... do your thing!"
"All right! Haaaah!" Adrienne swung her axe at the door, which wasn't quite enough to open it, but it had caused the person behind the door to scream.
"Lady Adrienne, did you hear that?"
"Yeah, sounded like a girl screaming. Hey, whoever's in there, get away from the door! I'm gonna bust it open!"
Rose couldn't believe what was happening.
"This... is this a dream? Yes... it has to be. Something like this could never happen to me. But it doesn't... feel like a dream." Rose pinched herself. "Ow! That hurt... which means... this isn't a dream? This is really happening? It can't... it can't be-"
The door burst open in an explosion of dust and splinters. A female figure with pigtails holding an axe emerged from behind.
Rose was trembling. "W-what's happening... who are you?!"
Adrienne smiled and reached her hand out to Rose. "I'm with the Friloth Resistance Force, and I'm here to get you out here, Miss Guardian!"
As Rose grabbed Adrienne's hand, a story appeared in the book that her mother left her. It was Adrienne's story.


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Re: I'm posting my novel here and no one will know muhahaha

Postby sirdeadpool » Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:16 pm

I enjoyed that quite a bit. I kind of got into the characters. I really do hope there is more to all of this.
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