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Rejected From A Hobby

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Rejected From A Hobby

Postby Chuey » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:26 pm

I am posting this here to serve as a workaround for a character limit in a separate social media app and so that people can read this post at full-length. I didn't write this as an intended forum / blog post so it's not the best-written, clear, etc.

* This was written as a vent session.

In geocaching, we have the possibility of hiding containers for people to find. The minimum allowed distance between them is 0.1 miles (in any direction, not walking distance). I hid my first one in summer 2013; it was a terrible hide that consisted of a little pill bottle several hundred feet out in a tick-infested swamp. Since then, I've hidden ~130 geocaches. I removed that first one quickly; I got better at the game. Some people complained that I was hiding geocaches out in the woods that were too small when bigger containers should be hidden. I stopped hiding super small boxes and then, altogether, I hid them very infrequently.

Since August 2015, I've had 10 new caches publish. (~8% of total?) People are still complaining that my caches are too small despite having hidden so few caches since. Certain people are still complaining my geocaches suck despite: A) not looking for virtually any of them B) judging hides of mine strictly based on the first 6 months I played the game, including the shitty swamp one. No regard for growth. Calling me cocky for thinking people will go out looking for tiny boxes in the woods.

There is also a new geocacher out and about who has hidden ~130 geocaches (close estimate) in one area alone, barely clearing that distance requirement. He has placed ~700 geocaches in the last 15 months, all very small silver pill cases (read: smaller than most of my geocaches).

This is a long winded post with much exposition, but here's my sad point: I'm feeling distanced from the game. I've tried upping the quality of my hides: people *****. The majority of geocaches that are published these days are found in the end of guard rails on the sides of the road. The most popular geocachers in the area only hide caches of this type. I angered one of them a year ago by calling out a violation of private property; I apologized several times since but in the end, it feels like it has made an unsaid clique against me.

You participate heavily in a hobby you really enjoy to feel shut out; caches ignored, resentment sent your way when people don't want to really go out in the woods anymore. Just drive up to a guard rail to find a small container and sign your name. I started only hiding geocaches in cool locations, or along hiking trails that have been ignored by most of the community for years. But people don't seem to care. Just **** on the guy who doesn't like the big non-woods viewpoint toward a hobby that started out of getting out of the house and into nature. I'd hate to kind of quit the hobby but, at least on a local level, it feels like I don't belong at all. I made a social mistake or two, hid things that were too small to find quickly in the woods, but rectifying those things means nothing because people treat you like you can't change or learn. That makes me more sad than angry.
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