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Postby Chuey » Wed Sep 19, 2007 5:16 pm

Welcome to the Rank Room. You can find listings of our current, old, and special rank tiers.

Current Primary Ranks
Image Gastly 0 Posts
Image Pichu 6 Posts
Image Infant Metroid 11 Posts
Image Goomba 19 Posts
Image Gameboy Color 26 Posts
Image Koopa Shell 38 Posts
Image Energy Tank 48 Posts
Image Joan 59 Posts
Image Bulbasaur 72 Posts
Image Blue Pikmin 89 Posts
Image Chilly 101 Posts
Image Magikoopa 117 Posts
Image Paragoomba 130 Posts
Image White Pikmin 142 Posts
Image Keese 150 Posts
Image Pascal 168 Posts
Image Plazmite 187 Posts
Image Space Pirate 198 Posts
Image Charmander 217 Posts
Image Fire Flower 243 Posts
Image Knuckle Joe 267 Posts
Image Shy Guy 291 Posts
Image Squirtle 312 Posts
Image Gameboy Advance 346 Posts
Image Pete 378 Posts
Image Serena 399 Posts
Image Raichu 425 Posts
Image Needlous 444 Posts
Image Red Pikmin 480 Posts
Image Octorok 530 Posts
Image Zora 573 Posts
Image Yellow Pikmin 612 Posts
Image 654 Posts
Image Wisp 689 Posts
Image Laser Ball 741 Posts
Image Fox 747 Posts
Image Goron 798 Posts
Image Hammer Bro 853 Posts
Image Dragonite 932 Posts
Image Gamecube 1000 Posts
Image Purple Pikmin 1076 Posts
Image Red Bulborb 1112 Posts
Image Chikorita 1167 Posts
Image Cyndaquil 1218 Posts
Image Totodile 1275 Posts
Image Waddle Doo 1315 Posts
Image Marth 1392 Posts
Image Princess Peach 1436 Posts
Image Zoomer 1510 Posts
Image Metroid 1530 Posts
Image Wario 1678 Posts
Image Drawcia 1789 Posts
Image Dodongo 1900 Posts
Image Nintendo DS 2009 Posts
Image K.K. Slider 2103 Posts
Image Captain Falcon 2199 Posts
Image Porygon 2263 Posts
Image Zero Suit Samus 2412 Posts
Image Tektite 2496 Posts
Image 2624 Posts
Image The Piratians 2846 Posts
Image Moblin 2916 Posts
Image Waluigi 3049 Posts
Image Jack 3144 Posts
Image King DeDeDe 3333 Posts
Image Bob-Omb 3472 Posts
Image Nintendo DS Lite 3641 Posts
Image Alpha Metroid 3788 Posts
Image Gamma Metroid 3922 Posts
Image Tingle 4000 Posts
Image Ganondorf 4143 Posts
Image Treecko 4227 Posts
Image Torchic 4353 Posts
Image Wendell 4571 Posts
Image Decorated Cannon Beetle 4734 Posts
Image Puffy Blowhow 4839
Image Yellow Wollywog 4955 Posts
Image Mudkip 5000 Posts
Image Slippy 5151 Posts
Image Super Mushroom 5300 Posts
Image Zeta Metroid 5444 Posts
Image Meta Knight 5678 Posts
Image 5900 Posts
Image Sonic 6022 Posts
Image Mr. Game and Watch 6123 Posts
Image Turtwig 6233 Posts
Image Whispy Woods 6375 Posts
Image Mamuta 6420 Posts
Image Burrowing Snagret 6565 Posts
Image Chimchar 6622 Posts
Image Beady Long Legs 6666 Posts
Image Piplup 6772 Posts
Image Bowser 6857 Posts
Image Princess Zelda 7000 Posts
Image Saharah 7186 Posts
Image Jingle 7240 Posts
Image Gulliver 7317 Posts
Image Tortimer 7500 Posts
Image Zapdos 7650 Posts
Image Suicune 7900 Posts
Image Deoxys 8213 Posts
Image Darkrai 8452 Posts
Image Titan Dweevil 8602 Posts
Image Tom Nook 8700 Posts
Image Emperor Bulblax 8809 Posts
Image Nintendo DSi 9005 Posts
Image Master Hand 9255 Posts
Image Crazy Hand 9355 Posts
Image Tabuu 9469 Posts
Image Boo 9552 Posts
Image Omega Metroid 9782 Posts
Image Queen Metroid 9912 Posts
Image Kirby 10,200 Posts
Image Luigi 10,500 Posts
Image Mario 10,900 Posts
Image 1-Up Mushroom 11,676 Posts
Image Link 12,256 Posts
Image Ganon 13,566 Posts
Image Mew 14,123 Posts
Image 428 and Chuey 16,428 Posts
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Special Ranks

Postby Chuey » Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:31 pm

Special Ranks
-Sometimes users will receive a special rank that is exclusive. Some have images while others do not.

Image Site Admin- You have to be the Creator of the NSider Community forum for this rank!

User Who Always Has It: Chuey

Image Administrator- To become an Administrator, you must be on the forum for a while and be an excellent user. The rest is determined by Chuey!

Users Who Got It: Chuey, Dragon6534, Storm39

Users Who Got It Temporarily: LegacyStrike

Image Moderator- To become an Moderator, you need to understand the rules and be a great user. The rest is based on my decisions.

Users Who Got It: Rileyoman9, Calico_Lover, LegacyStrike, Dragonblader1, Giga_Metroid99

Users Who Got It Temporarily: NoCompz43

Image NSC Tower Master- The top three winners of the Challenge Tower event were rewarded this rank.

Users Who Got It: Calico_Lover, PichuBro4, Storm39

Old Primary Ranks
Image Gastly 0
Image DS Lite 10
Image Mareep 24
Image Sandslash 38
Image Gamecube 53
Image Porygon 79
Image Floro Sapien 118
Image Mii 144
Image Vileplume 176
Image Squirtle 207
Image Muth 239
Image Red/Blue 269
Image Slowking 294
Image Pi 314
Image Fox 364
Image Giovanni 405
Image Bulbasaur 434
Image Charmeleon 468
Image Articuno 500
Image Princess Peach 555
Image Kirby 601
Image Daisy 674
Image SNES 700
Image NES 750
Image Mr. Game and Watch 802
Image Zapdos 893
Image Wi-Fi USB Connector 920
Image Aerodactyl 951
Image Zigzagoon 998
Image Solana 1044
Image Lunick 1133
Image Samus 1256
Image Meta Knight 1443
Image Hypno 1522
Image Rotom 1599
Image Goomba 1646
Image Sonic 1700
Image Dodongo 1799
Image Captain Falcon 1900
Image Zero Suit Samus 2032
Image Ganon 2175
Image Moltres 2260
Image Regirock 2370
Image Regice 2380
Image Registeel 2390
Image Raikou 2500
Image Entei 2510
Image Suicune 2522
Image Snake 2559
Image Lugia 2676
Image Ness 2728
Image Marth 2804
Image Ho - oh 2900
Image Latios 3001
Image Latias 3104
Image Kyogre 3242
Image Groudon 3370
Image Rayquaza 3510
Image Jirachi 3703
Image King DeDeDe 3800
Image Uxie 3883
Image Mew 3957
Image Mesprit 4080
Image Azelf 4131
Image Heatran 4301
Image Falco 4389
Image Regigigas 4444
Image Giratina 4567
Image Phione 4792
Image Palkia 4922
Image Dialga 5133
Image Bowser 5400
Image Shaymin 5500
Image Darkrai 5600
Image NS_Goomba 5701
Image NS_Cappy 5802
Image NS_Piranha Plant 5903
Image NS_Tektite 6004
Image NS_Octorok 6105
Image NS_Snifit 6206
Image NS_Boo 6307
Image NS_Moblin 6408
Image NS_Bob-omb 6509
Image NS_Shy Guy 6610
Image NS_Koopa 6711
Image NS_Paratroopa 6812
Image NS_Chain Chomp 6913
Image NS_Tingle 7014
Image NS_Kremling 7115
Image NS_Lakitu 7216
ImageNS_Bounty Hunter 7317
Image NS_Gerudo 7418
Image NS_Ing 7519
Image NS_Hammer Bro 7620
Image NS_Noki 7721
Image NS_Pikmin 7822
Image NS_Djinni 7923
Image NS_Yoshi 8024
Image NS_Kong 8125
Image NS_Mr. Saturn 8226
Image NS_Pianta 8327
Image NS_Pokémon Trainer 8428
Image NS_Warpstar Knight 8529
Image NS_Fox Brigade 8630
Image NS_Killer Bees 8731
Image NS_F-Zero Pilot 8832
Image NS_Smash Master 8933
Image NS_Metroid 9034
Image NS_Hero of the Winds 9135
Image NS_Plumber 9236
Image Lucario 9355
Image Mother Brain 9500
Image Tippi 9600
Image Mewtwo 9700
Image Count Bleck 9800
Image Celebi 9900
Image Triforce 10000
Image Princess Zelda 11000
Image Link 12000
Image Deoxys 13000
Image Crazy Hand 14000
Image Glitches! 15000
Image Arceus 16000
Image Wiggler 17000
Image Luigi 19000
Image Mario 21000
Image Kazumi Totaka 24506
Image R.O.B. 27905
Image Master Hand 31000
Image Chuey 35000
Image Tabuu 40000

Old Special Ranks
Image Racing Champ- You must defeat me in a Friend Code Mario Kart DS race if I hold a specific racing contest for it. I'm pretty tough, so be your best player! You can't cheat or snake, although mini-snaking on a few courses is ok.

Users Who Got It: aqualord1, Calico_Lover

Image Image Chief Chilly- Participate in a specific contest to be mean in SPAM! held by Chuey. Being the chief of chilly mean-ness!

Users Who Got It: Rileyoman9, AlakazamBrain

ImageArguing Maniacs- This was a one-time rank; I made it when two members were in a conflict, and it annoyed me very much! The icon is the smallest to appear to date.

Users Who Got It: LegacyStrike, PHOENIXBLAST

Image I'm In Detention- This was made as a joke, since Giga_Metroid99 said he had to write a 400-500 word poem and wrote 639 words, I gave him it.

Users Who Got It: Giga_Metroid99

Image Gravekeeper- You need to win the forum game Tombstone Run! It's a one-of-a-kind, and nearly impossible! This rank is represented by the haunting Ghost Ship! If it weren't for this ship, Phantom Hourglass wouldn't exist!

Users Who Got It: Dragon6534

Image I Ordered French Fries- Turtwig_Fan decided to have fun and ordered french fries at the Restaurant. Came out a little...different than expected, no? :P

Users Who Got It: Turtwig_Fan

Timely Poster- Those who posted in Live Chat at 8:41 PM ET (according to my clock) was rewarded this exclusive rank. There was no rank picture for this rank.

Users Who Got It: Star125, PHOENIXBLAST

Image Smash Champ!-The one who placed first in Legacystrike's Super Smash Brothers Tournament on March 15, 2008, won this rank.

Users Who Got It: Storm39

Smash Runner-up!-The one who placed second in Legacystrike's Super Smash Brothers Tournament on March 15, 2008, won this rank.

Users Who Got It: Metroid05

Image Army of Two- In Legacystrike's "Back to Back" tournament, the winning pair won this rank.

Users Who Got It: Luigi_Freak_The_23rd, Storm39

Image Head Pirate- In a mysterious voyage, Cap'n and his crew crashed upon Shine Coast of Western NSC. The Cap'n holds this special rank as his good and own title.

Users Who Got It: Cap'n

Image Pirate- The Cap'n hires a crew of pirates to help him travel through the world of NSC, retrieving missing parts and to fetch him money! But don't worry, being a Pirate is all good.

Users Who Got It: Lookout Mate, Calico_Lover, Dragonblader1, Giga_Metroid99, JBDCool

Image Master of Challenges- You needed to win the most amount of points in Chuey's Challenge Hall competition. There had been 103 challenges, two challenges worth 2 points, one worth 3, and one worth 4. The winner was Metroid05, who really knows his trivia! Congratulations. This was kept for over a month.

Users Who Got It: Metroid05

Image Thriller- NoCompz43 and I have been into Thriller lately, and he's bugged me for a Special Rank. So when we made a video idea, I mentioned I'd give him a rank for two weeks. LOL! NS:D

Users Who Got It: NoCompz43

The Awesome Rank- Several weeks ago in Chat, NoCompz43 and myself, Chuey, pulled an age joke on Metroid05 who took it seriously and got on my nerves. The reward was this several day-lasting rank of Awesome, which was full of awesomeness.

Users Who Got It: Metroid05

Image Bidoof- There was a contest a while ago about posting pictures about Bidoof. Star125 posted the awesomest pictures of Bidoof, and won the special rank.

Users Who Got It: Star125

Coinologist- There was a special contest to find 50 Chewy Coins scattered around NSC. Calico found all 50 Chewy Coins and won this rank.

Users Who Got It: Calico_Lover

Password Star- I discovered that when I turned Chat around, there was a hidden door. I had the key, but forgot the password. After giving hints that I did keep with me Star helped me remember the password. I opened the door to the Hidden Vault but only found paper clips and lint. Oh well!

Users Who Got It: Star125

OMG Popped!!- On Saturdays, there have been competitions on the website OMGPop, and the winner receives this rank. How many mini-games could you win?

Users Who Got It: Metroid05

Image Wannabe Admin- During Camp NSC, an opportunity to receive a special rank was granted. LF took the chance and tried to make me name his rank "Admin". Pffft!

Users Who Got It: Luigi_Freak_The_23rd

Image Unbelievable- During Camp NSC, an opportunity to receive a special rank was granted. Robor decided to be silly and showed me that this WASN'T BUTTER!?! This was his first special rank, ever. After 2 years+ of NSC being existant.

Users Who Got It: Roboryantron

Image Better Than Chucon- During Camp NSC, an opportunity to receive a special rank was granted. I changed LF's rank name, but left this one. Star IS better than me, duh.

Users Who Got It: Star125

Image Crazy Bro- During Camp NSC, an opportunity to receive a special rank was granted. Rai decided to welcome his crazy bro to NSC, whom is crazy, indeed.

Users Who Got It: PichuBro4

Image Banjo and Kazooie- During Camp NSC, an opportunity to receive a special rank was granted. Norman jumped in on the special rank action and made two of his favorite video game characters his rank!

Users Who Got It: Giga_Metroid99

Image True Leader- During Camp NSC, an opportunity to receive a special rank was granted. Rai participated again and made his leadership skills known. YOU GO GET ANDY!

Users Who Got It: PichuBro4
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428 and Chuey
428 and Chuey
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