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The Help Center: FAQ

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The Help Center: FAQ

Postby Chuey » Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:09 pm

If there is any confusion with anything, check this post to see if you can find an answer to your questions or concerns. If it isn't, contact a staff member and await a response in which it will most likely be added here.

Q: What is this?
A: This is a Forum Roleplay based on the Nintendo forum NSC (The NSider Community) where users from the site will use their imagination with direction from staff to travel across the land of NSC to discover a hidden location not marked on the map of The NSider Community.

Q: Travel? How do I travel in posts?
A: Users use their imagination to picture themselves progressing down a path and must post their movement and notice the surrounding area. The appropriate forum for posting in is "The Trail", in which topics will be started by staff when the group is moving on.

Q: Can I expect any action in this game?
A: Yes, as there are enemies and sometimes boss opponents that appear along the trail or in certain areas specifically marked on the map. Everyone must use a Sword but if permitted they may use a stronger sword. Users must post when they attack the monster and a staff member will continutally post its status based on health. It is all based on imagination and fairness. Have some fun and let your mind go wild!

Q: The group moves around a lot and I wasn't here one time! How do I catch up?
A: If the group moves along a trail (at least 2 people other than a staff member), everyone is automatically warped to where they are at present. So don't worry about getting behind, you'll always be able to catch up quickly. But it's recommended you read topics that include information of the journey that were posted in when you weren't online.

Q: This game must end at some point. Is there anything I can expect at this 'ending point'?
A: Sure! The full world map is released when the game is mostly complete and staff members will post in "The Trail" when a new small adventure becomes available. We can't quite tell you what they are about, but you'll probably think of it upon looking at parts of the World Map that weren't exposed in the slowly-developing World Map or through the Forum Icons.

Q: I heard special ranks were involved. Is this true?
A: You heard correct; sometimes small events pop up at locations in the RP where anyone can participate, regardless of their post count. To make the best of the event, try competing for as many special ranks as possible!

Q: How do I upgrade my sword?
A: If a user gives great participation in the RP and the full staff agrees, you will be given a private message from the staff noting you may use a more powerful sword. A list of users with the upgraded weapon will be kept so it won't go unnoticed. When a boss fight is going on, it is hinted at the stronger sword doing more damage than the default ones, so help out everyone! There are three levels of the sword, so be a good sport and have some fun!
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