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Postby Chuey » Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:13 pm

Welcome to the BBCode Room of the Golden Hall! You can make your posts unique and different from any other with the words you type, but you can use special codes referred to as BBCodes as well! Here’s an entire list of the codes currently available on NSC.

Bold Text
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-Emphasize the meaning of your post with bold text! With this code, between the two tags, place the words you want to become bold and standing-out to have them appear more easily identifiable when your post is made.

Center Align
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-For guides, reviews, and efficient posts, it’s generally standard to align your text in the center margin of your post. It flows greatly! For this code, place text you want to be moved toward the center of the post in between the tags.

Code: Select all

-When making a post, there might be a need to have BBCodes not get activated and process, like in this topic! This code also brings about a special box that is easy to notice as well. This code is usually seen in topics where someone needs to know a certain BBCode, normally found in the Golden Hall. Simply place text between the tags for them to be codified.

Edit: Edit Box
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-When you make a post and submit it, you might forget to mention something. When you go to edit the post, it isn’t always clear what new content is added to the post unless you scan carefully. Users can make this easier by using this code. Place text you want to have more noticeable between the tags, and when you submit your post, a green box will pop up in your post. It is labeled “edit” clearly, so no one can miss that! It still helps to add a note to the bottom of your post (there’s an option at just above the submit button when editing) as to why the post was edited.

Code: Select all
[font={Font Name}]{Text}[/font]

-There is a default font for posts, and after a long time, you will have seen it quite enough. If it interests you, you have the option to change the style of your post by modifying the font. This code is a little more complex than others, but not by much. When you set up this code, you will get an equal sign in the first bracket. Place the name of the font you want following it, then between the two tags is where you place the text you want transformed and different. It will come out amazing!

Hover Spoiler See me?
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-One of two codes that conceal text, this spoiler box removes text from default view. If you move your mouse over the little button, simply move and not click, the contents are exposed. This code is simple as most others; just put the text you want to be revealed on drag-over between the code tags and done!

Image Image
Code: Select all
[img]{URL address}[/img]

-The most used BBCode on this site is to make images appear! Find a picture you like via a search engine or a photo-uploading site, the picture often uploaded by you, and find the direct URL address. No codes or anything should be present, but a simple URL address. Place this URL between the image tags to make it appear! If the image is of a great enough size where the screen would stretch a post, it will be resized. You can view its original size by clicking on it though. Images will still stretch private messages a bit if big enough.

Italic Text
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-If you were speaking, italic text would be used when you say something slightly different with emphasis, sarcasm or something else. If you place text between the tags, you can make it slanted to show you have more meaning in these words than the others.

Left Align
Code: Select all

-Though text is set to be on the left margin, sometimes you might need to use this code to get stuff over. Particularly when you’re using another align BBCode and you’d prefer not to close the other align tag yet. Probably a lesser-used code.

Line Divider

-This code requires nothing else besides the two brackets. Leave it alone, and you’ll find a line stretch across your post! This is often used to cut a post into sections, and has proved to be extremely helpful and useful.

List Codes
-The list codes are pretty weird on here. They are never used by anyone as people use the bullet alt code (Alt-7) along with underlined text and use of the enter button. You can use the following code to start a list:

Code: Select all

To make bullets, you can use the below code, though people still use the bullet alt code.

Code: Select all

There is no end tag to it, just that. If you place it in a list tag mentioned above, it will make a bullet. You can then place text next to it to make the first bullet of a list. If you do another enter-key push and use the bullet BBCode again, you can keep it going. Just remember this all goes inside the list tag. There is another list tag, but I don’t know how it works at ALL.

Code: Select all

Quote | Quote Example:
Chuey wrote:Well, 2 + 2 = 5.
No it isn't you moron! It's fish!"
Code: Select all
quote=“{Original Poster’s Name“}]{Text of Original Poster}[/quote]

-Usually, you will not type out the quote code manually. The process of quoting users is done by the Quote button, which is easy and quick to do. If you decide to make the code manually, the name of the person you want to quote goes after the equal sign IN QUOTATION MARKS. The lack of quotations can break a quote code easily. In between the two tags is the text you want to refer to. Sometimes people edit the original contents of a post to trick people or add replies in the quote by making use of the bold BBCode.

Right Align
Code: Select all

-If there is ever a need, you can align text from the right of the post, though I can’t come up with a reason. In between the two tags, just put the text you want to start out from right margin of a post. Enjoy?

Spoiler Box
See me?
Code: Select all

-A great code on NSC is the spoiler code. People use this for stuff they don’t want seen right away, whether it is spoiling of a video game’s secrets, may offend someone else, or something else uncommon. Between the tags, place the text you don’t want immediately visible. When you finish your post and view it, a small box labeled ‘Show’ next to ‘Spoiler:’ will appear. This is the cue of hidden content, so click away if wanted.

Code: Select all

-In mathematics and science, you might use subtext, where words or numbers are written slightly below the main level of words. If you wish to do this on NSC, place text between the tags you’d like to be subtext. It’s as simple as that!

Code: Select all

-Opposite of subtext, you can form supertext, where the text is slightly above the normal level. Between the tags, place any preferred text and it will end up above your untagged words. Joy!

Underline Text
Code: Select all

-Another more common code on NSC is the underline for text. Often used to represent certain sections of a guide, review, story, and so on. It may also be used to point out text more easily, sometimes when you would shout something out loud with more meaning. Simply put the text you want inside the tags for it to be underlined.

URL Link
Code: Select all
[url={URL address}]{Text}[/url]

-This code is useful for linking specific texts to another webpage. First, get the URL of the site you’d like to link to. Now, set up the code and after the equal sign, paste your URL in. In between the two URL tags, place the text you’d like to be a hyperlink. Once you submit, that text can be clicked on for users to wander the world web!

YouTube Video | Video Example:
Code: Select all
[youtube]{Video ID String}[/youtube]

-Probably the most mixed up code on the site. I really need to get to updating it. Anyway, for this code to work, you first find a video on YOUTUBE, and YouTube.com only. Near the middle of the video URL, which can found to the right in a box below the uploader’s name, is a “v=“. Highlight the text AFTER the equal sign and paste it in between the YouTube tags. Your video will now appear. Do note that minor issues with servers or problems with YouTube.com may cause the video to not appear. Or your browser might just be blocking it.
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