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Why SEGA AllStars Racing is Obviously Better than Mario Kart

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Why SEGA AllStars Racing is Obviously Better than Mario Kart

Postby Darkbuster13 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:13 am

Full Title: Why Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing is Obviously Better than Mario Kart Wii.


Yes I know it's hard for some of the members of this forum to believe, but Nintendo can be outdone. It actually happens a lot, actually, but it would take us forever to fully explain this concept to you Ninty-Die-hards. So to make it as easy for you as possible, we will take only one example and give you 10 obvious, simple, and easy-to-understand reasons that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this new racing title has trumped the almighty Nintendo offering.

1.You Have a Choice
S&SASR is a multi-console game. MKW is Wii exculsive. If you want to play Mario Kart Wii with HD graphics, well, you are Crap out o' Luck. And say if you want to play Mario Kart Wii on the go, we, there's no DS Mario Kart Wii. That's right, you will not find a single game named Mario Kart Wii on the DS. But you know what you will find on the DS? Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing. You know what you could find on the HD consoles? Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing. And if you want racing game on the Wii, sure, you could buy Mario Kart Wii, but you again, have the choice of Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing.


2.It's Not Just One Series
Unlike Mario Kart, S&SASR has multiple series (Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, the list goes on) involved with one game. If Smash Bros. has taught us anything, that means that the game is better than having only one series involved, like Mario Kart (and no, the Yoshi and Donkey Kong series don't count as different series. They all go back to Mario, and are Sub-Series)

3.The Stages are Inspired from the Games
I'll admit Mario Kart has had some decent tracks, but they are only that: Tracks. They often are imaginative, but rarely actually draw inspiration from the Super Mario series. I'm mean, in what Mario game did Moo Moo Farm come from, huh? What about Toad's Turnpike, huh? I don't remember highway levels in Mario games.

In S&SASR each course is inspired by a SEGA game. You know what that leads to? AN EPIC NOSTALGIA BLAST! or it would, if you ever played a game outside of the Nintendo Publishing House. Which you clearly haven't.

3.S&SASR has Planes
Diddy Kong Racing was better than Mario Kart 64. You know why? It wasn't because of the hover crafts, I'll tell you that! It was because of the PLANES! Everyone knows that Planes automatically makes Kart racers infinitely better. Sure, Mario Kart Wii has MotorBikes, but guess what? S&SASR has those, too.

4.The Star Item is Getting Old
Everyone loves the Star, it helps them and for the first time, the song is catchy. But it get's old. Do-do-do-dodo-do-do-dolodo! Gosh, over and over! Dang it all!

In S&SASR, Instead of the Star, every character gets a unique All-Star Move. When these moves are activated, a character specific tune plays, so it never gets monotonous! And Speaking of Character specific...

5.S&SASR has More Characters than Mario Kart
"Lol, Buster you n00b! Mario Kart has like four rows of characters! FOUR ROWS, and Sonic & SEGAYGUH SUCK-STARS RACING has only like twenty-sumthin'! FOUR ROWS > Twenty-suptin, n00b!"
Hold on to your dipies, babies, cause I'm about to take you for a ride.

Yes, if you count the amount of playable character models, then yeah, MKW has more Characters, but in MKW, what does your character determine? Your weight class. And there are only three of those. Ergo, Although there are four rows of choosable avatars, but technically only three different characters (Light, Medium, Heavy).

In S&SASR, your character determines not only your specific stats, but your character specific All-Star Move. Therefore, when the game says there are twenty sumthin' characters, it really means it.


6.S&SASR Doesn't Have Snaking.
Depending on who you asked Snaking was either the best or the worst thing that happened Mario Kart DS's online play. Mario Kart Wii fixed that problem by changing the drifting system to not allow snaking. However, people who had played the DS version of Mario Kart were hugely disappointed by it's removal because gamers do not like change.

S&SASR never had snaking, therefore it never had to lose snaking. Ergo, no one is disappointed by the lack of snaking, making it a better game because it never had to change.

7.The S&SASR Wheel is Cooler than the Wii Wheel
Have you seen this thing? It's so freaking awesome. So freaking awesome, that the US can't handle it. As far as I can find, this is a UK exclusive, but look at it! It's Blue! Is the Wii Wheel packed with MKWii Blue? Huh? I thought not.

8. Norman Wants S&SASR
What? How can I say that? Why would Norman want this game? Well...

If he says he doesn't want the game after watching that, he is clearly lying to himself.

Banjo also made Diddy Kong Racing better than MK64. And Conker too, but his absence is understandable now.

9. S&SASR is Completely Devoid of Blue Shells
Everyone hates the Blue Shell. Everyone. They are stupid, pointless items that do nothing but annoy everyone. Picture this: You are in last place, desperately trying to work your way through the ranks. You nail an item box, expecting it to help you gain a few positions. But alas, it is a Blue Shell. You use it, and it hits the person in first place... while you continue to wither away in last place while 2nd place just "lol, internets" their way to the winner's circle.

In S&SASR, the only way an eighth place will hit a first placer, is if every racer is that close to each other. Simply put it, if you are good enough, you will have nothing to worry about in first place.

10.You Haven't Played Both Games.
You have played Mario Kart Wii. You may or may not have liked it, but you have played it and formed an opinion on it. You most likely have not played S&SASR. Therefore, you most likely have no opinion on S&SASR. Therefore, you cannot have a negative opinion on S&SASR as a game without revealing your biased nature. Being obviously biased negates your opinion, therefore, any opinions you have to praise MKW against S&SASR are clearly incorrect.

And with that I say, good day.
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Re: Why SEGA AllStars Racing is Obviously Better than Mario Kart

Postby Luigi_Freak_The_23rd » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:36 am

I believe everything you just said.
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Re: Why SEGA AllStars Racing is Obviously Better than Mario Kart

Postby GigaMetroid99 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:22 pm

Number 8 is wrong. I do not want Sega All-Stars Racing. Yes, Banjo being a character is very cool, and would be enough to make me want the game, but he is exclusive to the Xbox360 version of the game, and I don't have a 360. If Banjo were in the Wii version, I would get it. If I had a 360, I would get it. But he isn't in the Wii version, and I don't have a 360. Ergo, I don't want it.

Oh, and characters do make slight differences than simply weight classes in MKW, though they are subtle. If you drive as Toad, your kart will have slightly better acceleration than other light characters. If you are Funky Kong, you will have slightly better speed than other heavy characters. Sure, it isn't quite enough to justify having completely different characters, but I'd just like the point out that your post contains false advertizing.

And I disagree with the part about the steering wheel. It isn't even really a wheel. It's just a thing to hold a Wiimote in that, like the Wii steering wheel, doesn't even do anything in the first place.
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