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Rumors about Zelda Wii

From saving princesses to creating a town, the Nintendo world has much to offer!

Rumors about Zelda Wii

Postby GigaMetroid99 » Thu May 27, 2010 10:08 pm

* Link will be replacing the bow and arrow with a crossbow.
* Game is all but finished. Putting on final touches.
* There will be a playable demo at E3.
* Time travel does occur and it happens through the use of a new blade. (not the master sword)
* Link's hometown is much bigger than in previous titles.
* There will be several "Majora's Mask" esque sidequests.
* Character interaction will be more involving than in any previous title.
* The dungeon field dungeon method is changed, and one of the changes confirms a straight dungeon to dungeon portion of the game.
* The current name of the girl in the picture is Adelle.
* Combat is extremely fluent and innovative. No previous Wii title can give you a good example of it's unique style.
* The game relies heavily on sword combat versus other items.
* There will be less items, but they will be used more frequently.
* There will be another main weapon added for an alternative combat style.
* The game will feature significant portions of flight.

Source: http://www.zeldainformer.com/2010/05/mo ... leaked.php

I feel like this is more believable than the thing I posted earlier today, but is equally unconfirmed. The idea of going straight from one dungeon to another sounds somewhat tiring. Going back to the field has always been a relief for me in Zelda games, giving me a break from dungeon-crawling and stuff. I wonder if this supposed time-traveling sword has something to do with the Ocarina of Time. That'd be an interesting connection between games. I hope the items being used more frequently thing is true. Usually in Zelda games there are some items only good in a few places but are otherwise useless. It would be a nice change of pace, at least.

The part about the game being almost finished sounds the most true out of everything else. Lately Nintendo has been holding out on information on new games until they're nearly done, like with SMG2. Not that I can blame them. After Twilight Princess being delayed tons of times and then not being what fans expected, I imagine they'd try to reduce hype backlash as much as possible.

Remember, though, this is all unconfirmed.
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Re: Rumors about Zelda Wii

Postby TrinityTear » Thu May 27, 2010 10:09 pm

Well thats pretty awsome. Finaly they're tossing out the master sword and putting in a new sword. It should look pretty cool. Im also guessing that person on the cover with link is going to be like a fairy or a guide or just a main character.
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