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The Far Ruins Reveiw

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The Far Ruins Reveiw

Postby Luigi_Freak_The_23rd » Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:23 pm

The Far Ruins is for the RPG Maker 2000 and was made by the company Chuey :D:

Ok, let me beging by saying that this is a game made on RPG maker made by one person, not like any other game you see on Wii or Xbox or any other system. So this means that anything anyone makes on RPG maker won't be as good as any other game (Excpet for freaking Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, SuperMan, and ET NS>:( ). So being made by one person, I'm going to rate this differently. I'm going to take 3 points off of the 10 rating, so perfect score is 7/7 (Weird, yes, but seven's my favorite number :D: )


Story is rather simple, 2 of the main character's friends was just pretending to be their friends the whole time they were friends. Carol (1 of the friends that betrayed the main characters) sends them to Izla so they can't stop them to take over everything. You go to 8 castles to progress in the story to stop Carol and Zehr. One of the problems I had with the game though is the dialog at the begining, I think the dialog almost everywhere else, it's just the begining that bugs me.

So it goes like this when they talk to Carol at the begining

Carol - " Alex, Brian, we've arrived at Izla!"

Alex - "Finally..."

Brain - "I know there was trouble or something... But we couldn't take an airplane?"

Carol - "You two are now able to save this world!"

"Ha ha."

Alex - "Is something funny?"

Brain - "Hey... Why's there a blockade?"

Carol - "Alex and Brian... Quite the Duo..."

Alex - "Wait a second...
No! You've been our friend forever and, and..."

Carol - "You two were tricked the entire time! And now... Now I can get rid of you!"

Let's stop right there.

Now, if you were in this situation, how would have you reacted. After "Quite the duo" I'd probably still be a little confused of what was going on. I wouldn't acuse someone who has been my friend "Forever" to be my enemy after "Quite the duo".


Lol, RPG Maker Graphics :D:


Lol, RPG Maker Midi and Sound :D:

I like how Chuey uses Music and Sounds when it was necessary. All I have to say about that.


Lol, RPG Maker Controls :D:

Sometimes, in RPG Maker, if you play for too long, your middle finger starts to hurt because of the uncomfortable controls.

Should I Play This Game?

I think you should try it out, it's fun.


You can go into the General Gaming thread and get RPG Maker 2000 here and get The Far Ruins here.

Personal Comments:

I'd like to say something. The battle system is can get really annoying. By the time I was in Poison Castle, I couldn't stand it and ran from every battle. You just got out of a battle, and you want to go somewhere, you take a step, and get into a battle once again. Chuey said that you need to train A LOT in this game, and you do, I barely beat the 2nd to last boss at level 41, and that's with a bunch of raised stats.

Oh, and "Lol, I'm so rich that I can get 149 of each power up" :D:

Final Rating:

I say this is a really good game for someone who was intorduced to RPG Maker a month ago. When I was introduced, I had dialog like

"Your cool, wanna join my team"


"Yeah, we save bunch of peoples and stuff"

and like

"HEY, watch it (Que battle)"

I'm serious, these are from some of my old games that I never finished.

I give this game a 6/7

Luigi_Freak_The_23rd wrote:Poor Watermelon gods couldn't didn't see it coming

Image NS:|
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Re: The Far Ruins Reveiw

Postby Baconator25 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:01 pm

A++++ Game.
^^I want to be cool and have one of these!
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