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The Reprise

The nonspecific assortment of memories of NSC rest here and in our hearts.

The Reprise

Postby Chuey » Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:05 pm

Hi everyone!

Recently, AB closed down The Galapagos of Gamers. We owe him a lot of thanks for providing this service to us. For the time being, however, there is still some use a forum can provide to us, as suggested by our small community of friends, so NSC has been reopened. And though for two years we used other hosts to form "GoG," I will forever consider us the NSider Community, for we became a community friends because of NSider. I thank everyone for staying close for all these years. At the moment I do not see enough need to open the entire forum again, especially since some boards are still in oblivion e.g. Shack #1 is a subforum of The Romance Room. (How enchanting!) There are other, more realistic examples of this though. A single forum will be nice to organize all of the "new" content that you guys may wish to create over the next set of time we stay with FreeForums.

As usual, I cannot promise utmost quality with FreeForums as, no offense FreeForums, your service in the past was dreadful. I have no issue saying this because your claims promised high quality. Look now! Our board got broken two years ago by you guys, you couldn't sweep up enough, and we left. Heh! Anyway, enjoy NSC for what value it may still provide. Thanks everyone, and see you all soon.

PM me for details on the raid on Nider 3.0. Thanks!
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