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The Story of Skeletolaron

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The Story of Skeletolaron

Postby Chuey » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:46 pm

A few months ago, I started a new RP where a bunch of heroes (me and anyone participating) would save an island where our pirate friends originate (Cap'n and his pals, remember? They were in a special event long ago AND in the originally proposed story for the first RP they brought the group to the SSB Dome for the final battle). Of course, my failure to keep the RP going strong resulted in myself closing the RP ultimately. But there was a storyline behind the whole place. For the past few days (I started this a long time ago but only started on it again recently), I've been writing up the story based on my memory of the story (strong) and the notes for every monster that was designed for the RP. Though the entire system of stats being wiped from the RP before its launch to make it easier, their attacks are still referenced in the story. Now, enjoy or hate. NS:P And sorry I use "the team", "the heroes", and "the group" a lot, but to make things easier I only used me as a defined fighter as I was the starter of the RP and I don't even remember everyone who signed up for that RP. Only a few people will be distracted by this though and not get to read the whole story if they choose to do so.

The pirates had long left NSC. They returned to their large island, Skeletolaron, but only to find it taken over. A large, immobile monster stood on the island's very center, its red eyes glaring. The other pirates had gone beserk, and the central city, Gravebone, was destroyed. The pirates that landed had immediately gone back to NSC to request help. They cleared out Bleck and Tabuu, why not the monsters that littered their home?

Chuey and his friends couldn't deny the request. The pirates had helped them, after all! But sailing back and forth to the island was a pain. Cap'n had a small sack of magic, and unleashed it on the beach. The opened portal that was formed would lead to Skeletolaron. Everyone but the pirates entered.

They landed at the edge of the mainland, on a small island. A bridge connected the mainland to this point. The team charged across the bridge, finding shadow-based Pokémon attacking them! Taking them out, the heroes knew that this was only the beginning. As they reached the end of the beach, a shadow clone of Chuey floated before them. No one knew how this was possible. Only capable of floating around at remarkable speeds to induce confusion and letting loose a shadowy bolt of electricity, the clone was attacked and beaten. Of course, this wasn't the last they'd see of Dark Chew, who told them that specifically. The dark enemy floated off toward the land's castle off in the distance.

The heroes made it to the beach, finally, and a forest stood before them. Monsters surrounded the forest, so everyone ducked under the trees and progressed through the woods. Walking, haunted trees were the main obstacle here, as well as mobile sunflowers! They were shady as well. But at the end of the forest was a knight. One of the Tee Hee rank. It was the lowest division, so it wasn't a tough opponent. But, more began to fill in. Everyone attacked and ran for the central city!

The city wasn't fully destroyed, but doors that had arms, legs, eyes and the ability to move were walking about. Tiny skulls that once belonged to the pirates of the island also hopped about, chuckling. Everything being in ruins, the team turned their attention to the only standing structure. It was chipped, but the Memorial Statue was still there. One of the fighters glanced up at the sky, soon noticing a dark castle in the distance. It was Gravebone Castle, probably under new control.

Considering new monsters wandered around, the castle probably acted as a base of operations. Another fighter looked at the statue intensively before finding a small bit of dirt near the base of the statue. It could only mean that something was underneath it. The statue was too heavy to move, so a long series of attacks finally shattered the last standing memory of the pirates. There happened to be something underneath after all; a tunnel that ran below the surface! Everyone piled in and began running forward.

Inch Worms and Lovely Bats flew about. The bats were 'lovely' as they'd hug you to death, literally, and the worms were a bit bigger than you'd think. They were gigantic! A multitude of these beasts wouldn't serve as an issue, though. They were constantly cleared away from the heroes until they reached a part of the tunnel that went uphill. The tunnel led straight into Gravebone Castle, surprisingly.

The team entered a dead-end hallway, so they walked the only possible route. Bizarre pirates attacked, laughing and 'Yah-hah-hah'-ing alongside the next rank of Tee Hee Soldiers. The soldiers carried axes that would hurt a bit, but the corrupted pirates were more troubling. At least, to one's ear drums. But these monsters were no problem for the group; they were moved aside with ease. But this hallway continued as the path turned.

There were floating puppets in this hallway. No strings attached, either. Part of the group was weakened to an incredible point by one spell, but the puppet was then taken out in one hit. Some more soldiers charged at the humans, but they were simply no match. The remainder of the puppets were quite aggravating, however. But once they used their health-deducting spell, they were done for.

In the third hallway there were puppets, corrupted pirates, and the Tee Hee Soldiers. It took some effort, but the group progressed to the next bend of the hallway, which would result in another dead-end. Or so to speak. There had been a staircase ahead, but it was guarded by a new enemy. A PIRATE puppet. This puppet looked much cooler and was more frightening, yet lacked the spell that was dreaded greatly. With a few attacks it was quickly eliminated. The team marched up the staircase to find more normal and pirate versions of uncontrolled puppets, but they were only an obstacle. The stairs led to the front gate of the castle. Except, the soldiers blocking entrance were in front of the team.

The Tough Tee Hee Soldiers wielded ball-and-chains and were much tougher than the lower two ranks of Tee Hee Soldiers. Hence the name TOUGH Tee Hee Soldier. After fighting only two, the group felt exhausted. But Dark Chew floated inside past the dark-hearted soldiers and laughed at the team's pathetic-ness. He released a series of orbs and bolts of dark power, but everyone had found the energy to attack again. Out of rage, the group took down the dark enemy again, only to learn that the monster standing above the center of the island was incredibly important in Dark Chew's plot. The enemy then escaped down the central hallway of the castle, immediately visible from the doorway. The team chased him, taking down any Pirate Puppets and Tough Tee Hee Soldiers that got in the way.

Dark Chew floated through a doorway at the very back of the castle's central hall and shut it with a dark force. There was a large chain placed on the door, so the heroes took it down with great force. Now with an idea of who WAS behind the trouble at Skeletolaron, the team would hunt down Dark Chew and defeat him. Noticing his change in power from the first encounter at the Bridge and just now, he must be testing the team. There is definitely a lot of power that has yet to be seen.

The group dashed out the doorway to see an incredible mountain ahead of them. A sign post identified it as Jade Mountain, but the other objects of interest were some moving rocks just ahead of everyone. Moving rocks. With eyes, arms, and legs. A few of them were killed by a suspicious member of the fighters, but they seemed to intend no harm. Climbing twenty feet up the mountain along a dirt path, there seemed to be a few more of the living rocks. But they seemed to be... out of control! They even attacked one fighter, so the rocks had to be taken out when spotted from now on.

Further along the path were even nuttier rocks, yet they seemed less harmful. No matter; something odd was going on with this mountain. And it definitely was connected to the invasion of the Tee Hees. 60 feet up the mountain was when extremely insane rocks wandered about. They even caused showers of rock to hammer down on the heroes!

80 feet up the mountain was where the toughest of the living rocks was. It threw massive boulders, let rocks rain down, and had one last ability that was not expected. It exploded right in everyone's face. It dealt incredible damage, one team member requiring band-aids due to the damage. Anger was felt as these rocks were incredibly bothersome. Their dancing and shouting was awkward! For the next 44 feet going upward, all previous rock monsters were found alongside the ones that blew up. Even the weakest of them all seemed to be mad! Clearing them as the group progressed, they finally reached 125 feet up into the air. A cave that consisted of a long staircase upward was blocked by a floating and slightly large hand. It was a mere blockade as it did not attack. But the oddity of the mountain continued at the staircase.

Floating BOOMERANGS with eyeballs covered the stretch of stairs. Boomerangs. Come on!! They weren't too much of a threat, but again, another annoyance. The stairs finally opened up to a room that had an elevator at its farthest end. Ten crystals sat in this room, which all took about 10 seconds to defeat. As each crystal was stabbed by one person, the end of the crystals was quick. The elevator made a sound as it moved from its locked position. Everyone hopped on and the elevator lifted everyone to the summit. Along the way, ghosts of varying colors spooked the heroes and made creepy sounds. Though they were strong and weird, they were eliminated with haste.

The elevator finally opened up to the summit of the mountain, Jade Mountain, and a large, black-colored ghost floated about. The ghost was the one responsible for making all the rocks and boomerangs come alive. Invading on its turf, the Ghost of Darkness attacked the group. Knocking people out and controlling them like puppets was its game, but after a while of fighting, it suddenly stopped. The dark energy inside of the ghost floated away and the ghost turned white. It explained that the invasion of the Hee Tees (though the lower ranks are called Tee Hee) had done this to him. The evil Hee Tees tricked the Ghost into an angry, raging state. At the top of the "Hee Tee Castle" was a pair of towers, and at the top of each was one powerful creature who wouldn't be easy to beat. Defeating them would be tough, but necessary to save Skeletolaron. The group about to march off for the castle again, but the Ghost quickly stopped them. The towers could not be entered unless two switches were activated. One was inside the House of the Flaming Sage and the other found at the end of the Vortex Shrine.

The group headed down the west side of the mountain, Weak Hee Tee Soldiers in the way. The path down wasn't too bad though, considering running down was easier than climbing up. At the base of the mountain again, yet at the west side, new monsters lingered. CRABS. Er, "clabs". Oddly they were blue, but no matter. Continuing down the beach, soldiers and crabs alike sidestepped into the faces of the heroes, but it wasn't long till the path on land stopped. A large staircase descended from the edge of the sand into the water. Due to chemicals of the water enemies, it was possible to breath underwater. Everyone stepped down the steps into the ocean.

There were several bizarre sights under the sea. Crazy Squids, sharks producing jelly, jumpy feet (like skulls, but feet), and starry fish were some monsters to find! No, not starfish. Swimming through the ocean, even some taken-over pirates swam the fine waters. But most enemies were bypassed since they could be. Climbing the opposite staircase from the one they descended, the group ascended back to the shore. The path toward the fiery house nearby carried some previous opponents, but one new one appeared. An amulet with a dark soul inside! But of course, a floating little thing as that could not block the way.

Outside the house were a series of burnt mushrooms. Taking them out, the team then entered the house. The first room contained only one type of enemy, one that had a fireball-like body. It threw fireballs as well, but a couple attacks took them in. Everyone proceed to the second room, which had a lone mirror. Any attack done to it would be copied and done back on the fighter. Occasionally, it would release a powerful wave of fire as well. Harming each other and theirselves, they finally defeated the mirror. This permitted entrance to the third room where a waiting DARK CHEW floated about!

The group was curious when this baddie would reappear again, and just looking at the male enraged them. Dark Chew decided to be original and used a new attack; dark beams. The solid-black beams dealt a nasty amount of damage, but casting this attack would hurt him. Cleverly, he could heal his own HP as well. The fight was long as the series of attack-regenerate-repeat sequences made things troubling. But Dark Chew was finally beaten again. He claimed that they would not meet him again until after they finish their duties at the Vortex Shrine. The recurring opponent then turned to dark bits and vanished.

In the fourth room of the house was the Fieros and a few more Flaming Mirrors, both of which were annoying. Some more pirates lingered too. Defeating them all as fast as possible, the fifth room became accessible. The team found a bunch of priests with fire-based abilities, so the Flaming SAGE had to be near. Though they liked to use their magic to lower your abilities and grant themselves more health, they weren't too bad.

The group finally entered the sixth room of the House. They were sure that the sage was inside this room, but a grand archway stood at the end of the room. It was locked by metal bars, and on a small pedestal in front of the door was a Music Player, which represented a CD Player. Beside it was a series of priests that were previously encountered. The player then began to play incredibly mystical music. It healed any wounds the player took, but the team would take damage to their ear drums. The Music Player was attacked vigorously, and at long last, some cracks became present among the monster. The machine was angrier now, and it would play some more exotic tunes. An extremely loud tune and an incredibly spooky tune. The spookier tune actually harmed itself, but the priests would back it up. Nearly done for again, the Music Player unleashed a wave of fire before buttons popped out and metal fell off of it. Tunes were played faster and with bent-out destruction intended. Sad and haunting tunes weren't enough for the heroes, who finally destroyed the machine. The bits of scrap metal frightened the Priests of Fire, who fled as the metal bars lowered.

Everyone stamped into the last room of the building, where they found the Flaming Sage. Wearing two earrings, one with the male symbol and the other the female symbol, this sage's soul has been tampered with similarly to the dozens of pirates already encountered. The group approached the evil sage who flicked his stationary, closed hands, open. A magical wave blasted out from the space around the sage to strike everyone back. With an odd noise and mumble, one member of the team instantly fell over, knocked out. He was kicked enough to wake up again, and it was clear this fight wasn't going to be easy. Taking and dealing much damage, the sage caused beams of flame to form between the ceiling and floor as harmful obstacles. They were bumped into occasionally, sending flames stretching over that unlucky fighter. But the sage was finally KILLED, and the monsters within the previous rooms instantly turned to smoke. A step switch that was hidden behind the sage was now exposed. Chuey stepped on it and said that they needed to find the Vortex Shrine next.

Everyone exited the now-collapsing house and retraced their path to the large ghost atop Jade Mountain. There was a path down the right side of the mountain, so the Vortex Shrine had to be at that side of the island. Going down the path, more enraged pirates wandered and threatened as well as Weak Hee Tee Soldiers. They quickly reached the base of the mountain, feet in sand, once again. The Vortex Shrine was easily accessible and in immediate sight. Strangely-colored elephants and bunny rabbits were outside the shrine; two creatures that never were present on Skeletolaron before. Forcing them to step aside, the heroes walked into the shrine.

The first room of the shrine had a slippery ice floor with crystals forming all across the area. Similar to Fireos, Iciclos walked about; icicles with arms and legs. The team noticed a portal at the opposite side of the room and walked into it. They came out into a dark-blue yet chilly room. There was no ice and live balloons were shouting while ascending to the ceiling of the shrine's room. It was then that the group noticed that each room of the shrine had a large portal across the ceiling. The balloons quickly vanished, leaving entry to the next room via another portal simple. The third room was warm and frightening. Moving lightning bolts were the next enemy. No one could understand why all these monsters on Skeletolaron, especially those who were new, were ALIVE. Was the ghost atop Jade Mountain responsible entirely, or was the Vortex Shrine involved? Everyone dashed to the next portal to avoid fighting the living electricity.

The fourth room was damp and quiet. The only thing in the room was a piece of tape. Everyone looked at it blankly, then proceeded to the portal leading to the next room. The fifth room had monsters that appeared for a special reason. The room made monsters appear based on the memories of those inside the room; Dark Raichus, Jumpy Skulls, Livelier-Livelier Rocks, Boomerangos, Crazy Squids, and Flaming Amulets were found in the room at the moment. Everyone attacked furiously to eliminate them and out of the ceiling portal dropped Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon, really? What's up with this place? With a "C'mon!", the male stepped into the portal at the other side of the room. Everyone chased him to battle. Though the shrine weakened the mighty force, his Falcon Punches, Falcon Kicks, and Falcon Disconnects were mighty. But the team defeated him. He only jumped into the ceiling portal again and vanished. Everyone headed into the last room of the Vortex Shrine to find that the second step switch was only behind a large mystical barrier. Everyone attacked it non-stop until it shattered. Chuey stepped on the second switch and said that the end of this adventure was near.

Relocating to the Darkened City, everyone was prepared. They would save Skeletolaron for their pirate friends. Hee Tee Soldiers replaced the weaker and goofier Weak Hee Tee Soldiers and would put up a fight. Approaching the bridge to the castle, many birds were noticed. They flew around the castle, guarding it, and had three bizarre eyes. They shot red lasers out of their middle eye at the invaders, but the team hurried from the attack. They reached the door of Hee Tee Castle to see Dark Chew waiting. He laughed and commanded some Tough Tee Hee Soldiers to attack. Of course, those things weren't strong enough anymore. Dark Chew grunted and said that he didn't feel like wasting his energy just yet. He released a few extremely powerful bolts of power around the area and magically reduced some fighters' health. But after toying around for a bit, he floated off toward the monster at the center of the island and yelled that the time had come!

Everyone charged in taking down anything they saw on their way and a lone Hee Tee Soldier was napping along the left wall of the central hallway. Turns out a staircase was hidden all this time! The soldier was defeated quickly and the team marched down the now-found hallway. They ascended the stairs to find a puppeteer. He controlled an eagle-like puppet. The puppet was quite strong, but when the puppet master fell to the team, it could only stun one person at a time and get easily overwhelmed. The annoyance was taken out and everyone climbed the stairs to one long, dark hallway. There were two more puppeteers on the way up, but they weren't too much of an issue.

Everyone stood at the top of the steps. One long hallway was among their feet that stretched the whole horizontal length of the castle. Large staircases were visible at each end of the hallway with objects that seemingly spit out lasers deactivated. The ghost had not lied and the two towers had to be climbed! Suggestions were given to split the group up, but Chuey warned that that might be a fatal mistake. Everyone walked down the hall TOGETHER toward the Left Tower Staircase. Along the way were Tough Hee Tee Soldiers, which were the toughest non-boss monsters in the entire castle. Along the rush up the staircase were more Puppeteers, Eagle Puppets, Hee Tee Soldiers, Security Birds, and the previously-met Tough Hee Tee Soldiers.

At the top of the steps, a large barrier trapped the team inside a circular room. A spirit floated in the middle. The spirit was female and seemed to have electric capabilities. She explained that once upon a time, a shrine dedicated for her was at the center of the island. Her, the Flaming Sage, and the Confused Ballaz were the protectors of Skeletolaron. Ballaz rested at the end of the Vortex Shrine but was overcome by the bizarre monsters that now flood the shrine. The Hee Tees actually entered Skeletolaron from the Vortex Shrine, so the monsters that were found at the Vortex Shrine, the House of the Flaming Sage, and the rocks among Jade Mountain were all thanks to the invaders. The Ghost was attacked by the Hee Tees, which was enough to make the rocks come alive thanks to the Ghost's power. Continuing on, the Spirit of Lightning explained that since the Hee Tees arrived, they made the "Central Island Monster" appear, which crushed the shrine she rested at. They then took her hostage and threatened horrible things if she didn't harm all who entered her section of the Castle.

Looking at each other, the heroes grew nervous. The spirit wanted to live, so she would have to hurt the team, even if she didn't want to. With electric bolts, stunning abilities, orbs that broke into smaller, more devious orbs to harm, and two backward skills, the fight would be an interesting one. Though the spirit wanted to live, she remembered that both the Flaming Sage and Ballaz had to be dead for these fighters to be here now. And if the group managed to reach her, they had to be trying to rid the Hee Tees from Skeletolaron. She would stun herself to give the team a boost in health or simply lower her own health at times yet lie and claim she made a mistake with an attack. When the spirit was finally ready to join the other spirits, she yelled, "Good luck!" and vanished. A step-switch was exposed; Chuey stepped onto it to break the barrier. Of course, if a switch was here in the Left Tower then one must be in the Right Tower. Everyone headed back down the tall staircase to reach the hallway again, but one fighter fainted along the way. They were left there as everyone made a mad dash for the other tower. Tough Hee Tee Soldiers, Eagle Puppets and their Puppeteers were the only monsters in the way, which wasn't a bad deal. At the top of the Right Tower was a surprise.

Another barrier formed so everyone became trapped inside. An incredibly large and disgusting spider awaited. It could only take so much damage per attack, but it was limited on skills. One long grab of a spider's leg would leave you nearly dead and a web might leave you dead as well. But the spider was defeated much more quickly than the spirit was, shockingly. Behind the spider's carcass was a step switch; one that undid the barrier like the previous switch. The left-behind hero woke up and suddenly noticed a doorway become exposed across from the staircase to the lower portion of the castle. Everyone met back up at the new doorway and walked down a new hallway that the door led into. Some Tough Hee Tee Soldiers were met, but their dark lives were cut short immediately. At the end of the hallway was a room with several keyboards, screens, and a large blue tile on the floor. Everyone crowded onto the tile and a great energy made them teleport away.

Everyone reappeared in another circular room that looked like the last. They walked down a hallway to find a large circular room with dozens of screens, keyboards, various buttons, and Dark Chew. Dark Chew said that he wasn't the leader of the Hee Tees, but the mastermind behind their entire invasion. Dark Chew was responsible for helping NSC get destroyed by Bleck and Tabuu before, though his role in ruining Skeletolaron was greater than his role in ruining NSC. He explained that everyone stood inside the Control Room of the HellTeller, the monster standing at the center of Skeletolaron. Everyone gasped and felt surprised, but the dark being before them said that it wasn't activated; the HellTeller was a machine. The machine was to be activated when the island was to be destroyed, and with the heroes inside it, timing was great. Dark Chew wouldn't let the island be ruined without a fight, though. Mostly for entertainment purposes, however.

Dark Chew released dark orbs, altered the health and abilities of the team, and summoned drastically weaker and literally smaller clones of himself. When one fighter approached him, a dark hand emerged from the floor and held him steady with a strong grip. Dark Chew winked and a dark beam of power blasted from the palm of his right hand at one fighter. But this was NOT enough to stop the group from battling. Dark Chew was to be defeated! Everyone gave it their all, but every several minutes the opponent would deduct a bunch of health and leave the entire group stunned. When signs of Dark Chew being beat were clear, the boss used the rest of his magic to knock-out two people, stun three others, and make ten Dark Chew Juniors appear. But a final blow to Dark Chew was his bid of farewell; the evil fellow claimed that he would return to the world sometime in the near future with even more power to destroy anything he could-- which included everyone who was fighting that very moment. Dark Chew disappeared, but the Master Hee Tee Knight rushed in and knocked a few fighters aside.

The leader of the invaders was actually somewhat stupid! But powerful. He wielded a spiked hammer that could create strong shockwaves or deal near-death damage. If he bumped himself with the hammer he would regenerate health, mysteriously. But everyone defeated the push-over leader who was literally pushed over... onto a large red button on a panel. The ground started to shake as the HellTeller had come alive. Everyone's eyes grew wide... it was game over.

The Master Hee Tee Knight then pushed everyone away from him and smashed a side of the HellTeller's head. He charged out and made the plummet that would kill him off. The powerful monster everyone stood inside would now operate on its own, and it recognized the group. It would do all it could to destroy them before the island. The HellTeller was attached to parts of the island, so it blasted into the air and took a large portion of the island WITH it. The giant monster and island floated in the sky where the wind currents blew in all directions. Each member of the group jumped out through the hole the Hee Tee leader formed moments before and found themselves able to fly in any direction from the weird air of Skeletolaron. The head of the robot would release a wave of power to send anyone approaching it back. Since the monster was attached to the island, everyone safely landed at the "ground" of the island beside the skull-smashed enemy that started this new mess. Everyone unleashed attacks at one of the three metallic legs that were attached to the island. The head shot lasers out of its eyes and dropped magically-summoned chunks of ice to distract and hurt those below, but the team was wise enough to sidestep out of the way. When a leg was finally destroyed, it uprooted from the floating chunk of land and became unbalanced. When all three legs were uprooted, the machine was no longer connected to the island. It could not keep it afloat. EVERYTHING flew back to the surface. Somehow the chunk of land flew back into place, but the machine monstrosity fell to the ground and was destroyed. The three legs flew in separate directions and each fell into the bottomless waters surrounding the island.

Everyone rejoiced; the fight was over. The HellTeller had crushed the whole Hee Tee Castle and everything inside. But off in the distance, some pirates were still corrupted. But how? The machine was the center of controls, wasn't it? Apparently not; a dark energy enveloped the machine and recollected itself into the form of a monster in front of the wreckage. It was the spirit of the monster robot; the Living Teller of Hell. It was a smaller version of the robot, but it could float and its three legs were so miniscule you'd think it had no legs. It said aloud, "THIS is your final enemy. Me." The Teller had the ability to lift any one fighter and throw them aside, create raining showers of fiery, water, electric, or icy bolts. In addition to all this, it could also shoot three strong beams from its nearly-nonexistant legs. Everyone attacked it as much as they could, coming to close to a final breath many times. The Teller was better than them though, so it used its two lengthy arms as whips to hurt and temporarily CONTROL. The mastermind could also explode to create massive damage and smoke, yet reappear in its previous state unharmed from the attack. The battle drawing every hero closer to their individual finish, Chuey said to the Teller directly that they had a job. And the job was to be finished. A determined smile crossing everyone's face and the monster received multiple hits; so many that it had no time to stop and attack back. Near its own end, the Living Teller split into three! But it was quickly discovered that harming any of the three would hurt the ultimate soul of the living HELL. Everyone attacking at the same time one last time, the three monsters jumped into the air and collected into one again. Failing to stop screeching and squiggling about, the Teller had been ultimately destroyed. It continually rose higher into the air, its shouts growing louder, until a sudden pause occured. It then dropped straight to the ground and caused a massive earthquake powerful enough to destroy the machine it once lived within before fading permanently.

The pirates ran out to Gravebone City from the portal they originally created, the group sweating heavily from taking down every evil monster that littered Skeletolaron. Cap'n thanked Chuey and then everyone else for their incredible efforts. Only a few other pirates that were on the island were alive; most others were killed in their corrupted form or from the sequence of destructive finales to the whole island. Skeletolaron would never be the same again, but maybe in a few decades it would reach its former height once again. The heroes marched back to the portal and left the island. One of the heroes thought they saw something in the corner eye, but they assured themselves they were merely kidding themselves. They were the last to enter the portal, which then shriveled to bits of dust. But... was the hero's mind pulling a joke? Who knows... Dark Chew was never fully killed. Maybe havoc would start up sooner than hoped for. But what's known for sure... was that everyone was HUNGRY.

I need to stop writing long documents in Notepad... >_>
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