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Topic Icons The Focus!

What were once bulletin announcements are now old news.

Topic Icons The Focus!

Postby Chuey » Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:42 pm

Yes, I used this as a subject for a thread twice. Where's the other "version" of this thread? NS;)


As hinted a few days ago, a change has been brought to NSC. As you may have noticed, Nintendo-themed topics began using topic icons. This was for a plan suggested by two of the other administrators. Yes, finally they got to come up with something for NSC! Well, the idea is to make one general board for Nintendo discussion. The only topic that generally receives discussion among our RARE POSTING SESSIONS is Pokémon, so what harm would be done? Mario, Legend of Zelda, AC, even ONG (Other Nintendo Games) topics were rare to be talked about. This idea was brought to life and I could call it experimental but I don't think this will be a negative move. HOWEVER, everyone freaks out at me at major modifications like this. I got my head removed for the new forum icons! So we'll see. >_> (Anyone remember the "hacker invasion"? Good heavens...)


Topics are marked by special icons and though there are a few other options besides the Nintendo icons, I ask you not to use them. Only use the following: Image Image Image Image Image. The Lucas/Kirby icon is to represent "Other Nintendo Games" so any Nintendo game that is NOT of the major discussion boards we previously had must be addressed under this icon that creeps LF out. xD Being false with icon usage is heavily wished against and we ask you play fair. If you don't like this concept, let any of the staff know (maybe the other three since I did not propose this idea ever but your choice) or stay cool. Don't go gallivanting and messing things up; everyone worked on hard on this as well as normal members who filled the Temporary Mini-Mod position and did work.

Well, let's see how things go! NS;)
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