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Video Games Spending Thread 2015! Now more irresponsible!

There are many superb games that are not made by Nintendo. Share your experiences with them here!

Re: Video Games Spending Thread 2015! Now more irresponsible

Postby Chuey » Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:56 am

JBDCool wrote:
Chuey wrote:JBD, I just made a 2016 thread and put your last two posts' values in!

How the heck did you get Black 2 for $13?! I just spend $37.50 (including taxes) to get White 2, dang it!! (Recently bought Y as well, I'm playing it in French)
Well, see I registered on eBay a while back because I was interested in a copy of Zelda: A Link to the Past for GBA. I wasn't finding a deal I was willing to commit to, but it kept offering me coupon codes up to $15 off my first purchase. I eventually stopped getting the offers and I stopped looking for a while and then they announced SNES virtual console for the N3DS which was a much more promising option, giving me restore points and also offering me Super Metroid and the DKC games. Now if I could just save up the money for an N3DS and they came out with a nice color...

Anyways, I had just gotten Triple Deluxe, leaving White 2 as my last remaining game I really wanted that was out and I could get. I had recently finished White and wanted the continuation of the story. I had hoped to get it for $25 through Best Buy but it had been sold out a while. And GameStop was charging more than I thought. But when I looked online I found not only were they running around $25 to $30, but I had another $15 coupon for a purchase of at least $25.

While I missed out on the first couple of auctions due to my inability to get to a bank due to working, which would've let me pay ten to twelve dollars instead, I settled for a copy of Black 2 sold by somebody who I thought it seemed was giving me a good deal for the complete game. Got it with the box and manual which came to $28, thus discounted to $13 with the code. And the game file was intact, he had beat the game but not yet gone after its legends.

I kinda regret settling for Black 2 after playing White, but really I wanted Black in the first place so I could get Black 2 and my wife got me White at the Black Friday GameStop sale instead (after getting me X by mistake).

I read this almost right after the initial posting, but never responded. That's a heck of a deal! Think you can get me a Sun/Moon copy for that cheap? ;) #moon
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