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Virtual Console Reviews: Final Fantasy

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Virtual Console Reviews: Final Fantasy

Postby Luigi_Freak_The_23rd » Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:53 pm

Final Fantasy: Rated E for Mild Fantasy Violence


Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Developers: Square
Publishers: Nintendo
Genre: RPG


Final Fantasy’s story pops up on the screen as soon as you turn on your game. It reads:

“The world lies shrouded in darkness. The winds die... The seas rage... The earth decays...But the people believe in a prophecy, patiently awaiting its fulfillment. “When darkness veils the earth, four Warriors of Light shall come...” After a long journey, four young travelers did at last appear......and in the hand of each was clutched an Orb.”

And you are playing as the Light Warriors. NS:) … Yup… Go on your adventure now.

As one of the very first Role Playing Games, you can’t expect a really great story, not at least by our standards today. In fact, Final Fantasy’s story was way awesome for it’s time (1990). However, almost 20 years later, the story is paper-thin. During your adventure, you’d expect a somewhat developing story, or at least some character development, but you’re not gonna get it for this game. And because there’s little to no developing story, there aren’t any hints on what to do next in the game. If you’re lost, you’re screwed. You have to go looking around everywhere if you want to find out what to do next. It’s a good thing we have the internet today so we can look up Walkthroughs for the game, or else this game would be even harder than it already is to complete. It makes you wonder how people back in 1990 even beat this game. You get your story at the beginning of the game and have your Warriors of Light restore their Orbs to destroy evil. The ending, however, has some dialog by the end boss that explains what was happening throughout the game. I like to call it the one of the first plot twists in video games. And after the Final Boss there’s some dialog telling you the aftermath of the Game. I won’t spoil it, but when I read it, I was very surprised and pleased with it.

In today’s RPGs, I think it’s the story that keeps you going, it’s one of the reasons I love Final Fantasy 7 so much. But with such a paper thin storyline for this game, it’s hard to keep going sometimes.



It’s hard judging a game’s graphics when the game is so old. But I’d say that the graphics are generic for an 8-Bit console. The Sprites for the Characters and the monsters are expressive. However, expressive as they are, they don’t move. In battle, the monsters are a single sprite and the characters have tiny animations for moving upwards when it’s their turn, when they are attacking, and sprites for them when they are close to being KO’d and when they are completely KO’d.


The overworld for Final Fantasy is very… plain if you ask me. Plain isn’t all and all a bad thing, it’s just that you’re going to see green… a lot. Grass, bushes, mountains, and the sea is all you’re going to be seeing in the overwold map. In the Dungeons you’ll be in, you’re going to see a LOT if one color. Earth cave will be brown, Fire cave will be orange, ect. I don’t even know why I’m complaining about it, it’s not even a big deal for me. >.< But I’ve heard (a few >.>) people complain about it, so if you’re not into that kinda of thing then I guess you’ll have to deal with it.


The battle background is black with some graphics on top depending on what area you’re in as you can tell with the picture above. If you’re like me, you can deal with it, but people may find it boring and dull not having a ground to stand on while battling. There are two boxes separating where the hero’s and monsters are. The little tiny box on the right is where the hero’s are at and the big box is where the monsters you are fighting are at. There are also boxes for commands, Hero and HP, and Monster’s names.

There is also a Graphical change in the characters when you go switch from Overworld to Battle. For example, Black Belt has Blonde hair in the Overworld but in Battle he has Brown, Red Mage has Black hair in Overworld, White in battle, Black Mage’s cloak goes from dark blue to light blue, ect. But this is just a nit pick.


If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy before, then you should recognize some of the music in this game and where the music originally came from. The music from the game is very fitting for battles and for the overworld and what not. I find the music also very catchy and hard to get out of your head if you’ve been playing it for a while.

The only problems with the music I can think of is that there aren’t very many tracks. Virtually every town and dungeon have the same tune. But I can understand because it’s such an old game. However, I have a problem with the fact that there is only one battle tune throughout the WHOLE GAME.

I know it’s one the first RPGs, but I think the atmosphere needs to change up a bit if you’re fighting a big bad enemy by changing up the music at least a bit. Not even the final boss has different music, it’s the same tune for the whole game when you’re in a battle.


Controls are really simple since it’s such an old game, in the Overworld the D-pad is to move the character of course, A is to talk to someone are get an item from a Treasure Chest while B doesn’t really do anything. In Battle the D-Pad is to choose a command such as “Attack” or “Magic”, the A button chooses this command, B cancels, blah blah blah.

Final Fantasy is like any normal RPG, you go around going from point A and trying to find point B while having Random Encounters with monsters along the way. I’ve notices that in this game Random Encounters don’t occur as often as newer RPGs do, which I found a good thing. However, sometimes, when you are trying to go somewhere far away or going from town to town trying to figure out what to do, Random Battles does tend to get tedious. I’ve found myself running from several battles because, when you’re back tracking to old places, you encounter monsters that give you hardly any experience at all anymore.

A problem I had during the game, and I’ve already mentioned this, is that you have no idea where to go. I don’t think any game requires a walkthrough every bit of the way through the game, but this game pretty much does. It’s so hard to find out what to do next, you don’t get clues, you just have to guess, and sometimes it’s just ridiculous. For example, sometime during the game you get an important item called the Floater. How the crap are you supposed to know to go to some random dessert and use it to get the Airship? The Airship is needed to go further into the game. I’ve already said this, but I’ll say it again, it makes you wonder how people back in 1990 beat this game. I guess using a walkthrough isn’t so bad, and I understand the game is old, but I feel like no game should require a walkthrough for the entire game.

Another slight problem I had was that the battles were somewhat slow compared to other RPGs, but this problem can easily be fixed with the Respond Rate at the bottom of the title screen. Your Respond Rate can be from 1 through 8, at 1, even the simplest battles go from 3 to 5 minutes, while at 8 it cuts it to about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Problem solved.


I spent about 15 hours on this game. With all the stuff you have to do, this game will keep you busy for a while, and at only 5 dollars, what a deal! I do have to tell you, however, that you’ll spend a lot of time in this game Level Grinding, which I’m fine with, but a lot of people complain about during RPGs. I personally find growing levels in RPG worth it, but I know a lot of people would rather just go on with the game instead of being stuck on a really tough boss.

Replay Value is high. Once you beat the game and you actually know what to do, you can go through the game, not only without a walkthrough, but with different characters! Final Fantasy lets you choose from a Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, and a Black Mage to have in your party of 4! If you want 4 Fighters on your team, go ahead. 4 Black Belts? Go for it! 2 White Mages, a Red Mage, and a Black Mage? Why not! It’s your choice. The difficulty of the game depends on what team you pick. It’s very enjoyable. Although there are only 4 spaces to name each character, but that’s hardly an issue.


And that brings me to the difficulty. This game is HARD! No matter what team you have, there are always little things about your team that makes this game hard. One thing is that Weapons, Armor, and Magic in this game are very expensive. You need new equipment for a new dungeon in a game or it will be even harder. So you have to Level Grind in order to get money so you can buy these items. Chances are you’ll get sick of that after a while, like I did, and go into the dungeon anyway. The monsters and bosses in the dungeons are very hard as well. If you get poisoned, you’re screwed. You need to go back and buy items such as a Heal or a Pure, which you probably can’t afford much of anyway.

Overall, I think 1 of 3 people will buy this game. 1: you’re an RPG or Final Fantasy fanatic and you want this RPG classic to go with your collection of RPGs. 2: You love retro games. And 3: You have major nostalgia for this game. Either way, 5 bucks for it is a very good deal.

However, if you’re not a diehard RPG fan like I am, I don’t recommend this game. But since I’m one who loves Retro games and loves RPGs, I have to rate this game how I honestly feel like it should get.

Story: 7.5/10
Graphics: 7/10
Music/Sound: 8.5/10
Controls/Gameplay: 8/10
Misc: 8/10

Overall Rating:
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Re: Virtual Console Reviews: Final Fantasy

Postby Baconator25 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:18 pm

Overall, I think 1 out of 3 people will buy this game. 1: you’re an RPG or Final Fantasy fanatic and you want this RPG classic to go with your collection of RPGs. 2: You love retro games. And 3: You have major nostalgia for this game. Either way, 5 bucks for it is a very good deal.
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