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[*Important*] What To Expect. + July 14

What were once bulletin announcements are now old news.

[*Important*] What To Expect. + July 14

Postby Chuey » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:43 am

For those unaware, our community has been hosted at Zymic for approximately two years, but this past Saturday, all of that changed. Our site was tagged as "spam," but we're not entirely certain why. Given that the service was completely free, it's very unlikely that we will be able to access the Galapagos of Gamers ever again. With that said, fellow site administrator, AlakazamBrain has a copy of all of the old data and posts. The only issue with this is that it only extends until January of 2012. All posts and content from February to present day will be lost, permanently.

The plan as to what to do next is not complete. However, an archived version of all of GoG will soon be accessible for reading purposes, akin to NSC in its current state. I feel confident to say that there will be a new version of GoG, in some form, relatively soon. There are preparations, on the side, as to reinforce this new beginning... again. What those are I cannot say, but things are growing exciting.

Also, on GoG, I recently stepped down from being a site administrator. Ironically, the site was then blocked less than a day later. With the learning of this, I do believe I have realized my role in this community, and it is indeed more important than the mockery I have let it become in the past several months. Although I may or may not regain any administrative power in the future of this community, everyone will see my face around much more regularly, and I will have more to say, even if it is not the say. However, I do believe that stepping down was a mistake, especially given today's circumstances.

Now, there has been something in the works for some time, but unfortunately, my current musical's first show date IS the two-year anniversary of GoG. Working around hell-week rehearsals and show dates, I hope you will all join me here on Saturday, July 14th, for the first forum event in... years? How long has it been. Who knows, but it's coming.
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