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Winter Update 2: Live

What were once bulletin announcements are now old news.

Winter Update 2: Live

Postby Chuey » Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:45 pm


This update is pretty big. Bigger than the one at New Years, I’d say. The “Palace of Mad” and “Food and Animals” forums will be saying goodbye, but you’ll be able to find their posts in the Restaurant. The YouTube forum will be going too, but its posts will be moved to the Media Center, which is actually moving to the Fun Hangout to hang out with the Restaurant, Tourney Hall, and the Romance Room. The Tech Center, formerly called Technical Assistance, will head to the Headquarters category at the top, leaving the “What’s Happening in Your Life?” category to be removed. Don’t worry, The Classroom will be moved to the Gallery. Long-awaiting, the Review Corner and newly-made Tech Center are getting forum icons! The forum descriptions of every forum have been altered to be… better!

Moving on, we’ve got contests going on this update. Sign up to race against friends in Mario Kart Wii, but also sign up to fight in a STANDARD brawl tournament! Brawl tournaments are always good, even if it’s standard, I tell you! The SECOND Bidoof Contest will begin! A special conversation “contest” for the Wingdingian in all of you will be held alongside a new smiley contest to replace one I think… needs replacing.

Though it’s not exactly a relief for anyone but me, all private message boxes have been increased to hold 6,000 messages each. I have more sent messages than received, believe it or not. Avatar dimensions have been increased from 110 by 110 pixels to 125 by 125 pixels! Amazing! SPAM! will open for two days after so long! It was open exclusively for Camp NSC, but it’s NOT the same if people are excluded, even if it’s someone not very active! There’s also a special poll related to the modified NSider smileys that have taken on a Pokémon appearance I ask everyone to vote in.

Now, if you go to the Golden Hall, you’ll find some other updates that were made! The room designated for advertising other websites has been changed up, and by the way, recommend some sites to add, even if they’re not forums. Talking about smileys, there’s two new ones: Caterpie and Renzor. Two plain awesome smileys. A bird smiley Legacy added months ago in his extremely short time as an admin called Chocobo will be removed. Oh, the most important update of all updates listed in this post can be realized IF you visit the Rank Hall. Give it a shot. Check the list out.

That covers all of the updates in the second winter update, but I wanted to announce that the blog is closing officially. Everyone lost interest, especially myself. If I get the urge to I’ll continue a story project I was working on for the blog at some point. The blog will still be up, just don’t expect any posts anymore. Sorry to anyone who liked it!

Okay, thanks for waiting for the update to go live! Here it is~!

One small update related to the order of smileys appearing in the Golden Hall and on posting pages was skipped due to the monstrous delay of the update. I'm sorry about that guys, I didn't know I was gonna have to be out shoveling at that time for that long.
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